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Amy vs Metal Sonic

Done to pass time and practice.

Background from here: [link] (addedso that the picture would not look so dull. :P )
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Metal: Target acquired.
Amy: Ahhhhh- *PIKO!* shaddup!!
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9 minutes earlier... Amy: There you are Sonic my darling! (hugs Metal Sonic)
Metal Sonic: THREAT DETECTED! (shoots Amy)
Amy: AAAAAAAAAH!!! You're on now!!!
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"we didnt kill it... we just pissed it off."
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:icondreggmanplz: "Confound that girl and her character development! >:("
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Metal Sonic: Aha!

Amy: *hits him with hammer*

Metal Sonic: *grunt* win, just go, stay away from me!
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Amy: thank you! :meow:
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Amy: Don't mess with my Sonic!
Metal Sonic: What are you going to do about it?
Amy: (Hits Metal Sonic with her hammer.)
Metal Sonic: Ok, running away.
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Ordinarily, I like Metal Sonic and get annoyed when I see him/it being used as a disposable punching bag...But holy crap, Amy's kicking his/its butt! Whoo!

Awesome idea turning the tables on the Sonic CD hostage situation and giving Amy a badass moment. Their poses and the way their limbs are moving look very nice. I also love Amy's expression; it's like she can't believe she just hit MS.

And holy crap, look at those details! Love all of the wrinkles in Amy's clothes and the metally bits on Metal Sonic! I would say that you fort got to color in the part protruding from MS' back turbine, but you just did this to pass the time so the point feels moot. Everything else turned out awesome anyway.

I know it's long overdue, but thank you for letting us feature this in our gallery at #S-S-S-S-S-Squad! If you're interested and have the time, we're holding our first contest now through January 31st. If you'd like to see the rules and prizes, look no further than this [link].
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Ohh that gotta hurt stomach hazard..
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Smash, smash! Really cool picture! You even have many details on his shoe sole :)
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Ouch... That sure would have hurt if Metal hadn't been a robot.
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This is really cool actually.

This picture made me imagine if Amy went super with the emeralds and nearly demolishes him.
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Ow..that hurted..poor Metal ^^;
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:pepsi: ( as if it wasn't obvious that amy rules )
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