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Knight and Day Overview

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 8, 2010, 9:06 AM

Hey everyone!

The last week of filming for Knight and Day went very well. Everything ran smoothly for them, and they got what they needed. I was running around in a "running of the bulls" outfit the entire week! There will be some CG bulls running behind all of us once it is all made.

I also got to play my own part in the movie. I was Eduardo's driver. I was doubling the driver, so you will only see me when he dies. (He's a bad guy it is obvious he was going to die anyway!)

My friends Russell Soleburg and Corey Eubanks got to do the fun stunt! Corey did a 360 spin in a tight space as Russell did a cannon roll right behind him. I was on the street as a bystander during the shot, so I got a front row seat to see it!

Today we are out in an empty parking lot for a sound recording for the movie. There is a Formula Drift car out here doing his thing, and there will be a motorcycle out here later to do the same. Definitely fun to watch.

I can't wait to get back in the race car! I am having some racing withdrawals at the moment! First race is April 18th at Infineon Raceway in the Jim Russell cars.

Keep an eye at for any updates!

Brett Smrz

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March 8, 2010