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Hello everyone!
I'll try my best to update my page, I would love advise from anyone who has modified their dA pages!
Also, I am trying to find new ways to shade fur, any advise for that would be great!
If there's anything you'd like to tell me or chat with me about, drop a note in my inbox and I'll try my best to get around to it!
Do you believe in second chances? Please be honest.
71 deviants said Yes
8 deviants said No
Thank you for all who decided to stay after weeks of inactivity and pause.
I am returning to deviantART, I now know that the world is a harsh and unforgiving place full of people who are apathetic and turn a blind eye to those who made mistakes and did the wrong thing. Everyone makes mistakes, but sadly, the people who believe otherwise are apparently perfect and should stay in their own friend groups and stop corrupting our few sources of happiness.
If they interpret kindness as malicious intent, that is their own fault.
I am returning, but with a different attitude.
Staying to remain positive is.... quite hard. But I'll try, I'll try my very best. But I doubt anyone cares by now, sadly.
My return has been and shall be indefinite. I must let go of my demons and live without hurt and pain. But I fear for the worst.
I have been moving houses, dealing with a long distance relationship, fighting exams and experimental testing, among other things. Those I have lost support from, I'll visit them later in hopes of regaining their trust. In the meantime, I will try linking you all to my Telegram, Instagram, Discord, and FurAffinity if you would like to contact me there. Always remember to have a positive mental attitude!! And never be afraid to explore new and mysterious things! Have a great week everyone!!! <3
Hey there everyone! Working late tonight and tomorrow! Gonna finish some stuff, posting soon! Thank you all for your patience! <3
Please bear with me, I am dealing with some heartbreak and friend issues, delays expected...
Good morning/afternoon everyone, I am working harder than ever to bring you the best content that I have made in my artisitic career and to complete your requests and commissions! It might be a little while before I reply to you all, but it is only because school and work are choking me. Have a great work week everyone and see you soon ^u^
Underground [Gift]
For TheraMutt 
"Deep underground in the cavernous depths of the Canadian wastelands, an unknown, secretive military base lies 500 meters beneath the earth. After a team of survivors search around for shelter and supplies to combat the oncoming invasion from the Far North, the four remaining survivors descend into the bunker, laying in wait. The four friends plan their ascension back into the aggressive and hostile wasteland as Thera, one of the leaders of the group, enters a dimly-lit control room full of equipment and... memories from a time, seemingly so long ago."

This is a gift for Thera, a friendly person and talented artist. She is a great friend and I look up to her! ^u^
(This is one of the many gifts I have in-line for people on deviantART and Telegram!!! <3)
This drawing uses soft shading, regular fur shading techniques, EXTREMELY dark foreground and background (sorry ^^"), inspired by the game, PUBG.
This took about 2-3 hrs in total to draw and render without any break times included in between.
I hope you all like this~! x3

Character © 2018 TheraMutt 
© 2018 smoshgoshjosh 
Good evening/morning everyone! I would like to say "hello" to all of you wonderful people <3
I will see you all very soon in the weeks to come, I hope you all have a great rest of your day and week! Love Love Hug 


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The Friendly Fox-Wolf
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello there! My name is Josh, I am a young artist who lives in the Eastern part of the United States (I used to live in Japan and the United Kingdom). I am currently graduating Middle School and I have not taken an art class since the 6th grade (2 years ago). I love making digital art and writing stories. I love weirdness and abnormal ideas, I love going for a good action movie or a cute romance. I ADORE animal movies!!! Foxes, hyenas, dragons, wolves, and dogs are my go-to animals! =^-^=
Trades are NOW recommended and OPEN!
Collabs are NOW recommended and OPEN!

Other sites to follow me on:
Twitter (Username: smoshgoshjosh)
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Steam (Username: BasicMidway3)
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Deviantart (Username: smoshgoshjosh)

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[Please attempt to read everything from beginning to end; at least read the ending statements which are the most important. All help, faves, comments, or signs of life are infinitely appreciated]

Hello, everyone. It is me, a forgotten, worn-out artist with a list of dreams that he has failed to accomplish within the past few weeks of inactivity. Through my long, hard journey in school and family life, I have found that I am flawed, both personally and mentally, in my quest for taking time off and relaxing, I have realized that taking a break from deviantART was the worst mistake that I have ever made.
By exiting deviantART and leaving my mutuals here, I have sought attention and love in other places, which have bore little fruit and happiness for me. Almost all of them have been met with outstanding failure and horrible heartbreak, either it be from bullies and people who trick me or people who have loved me and left just to hurt me.
Recently, my family has broke apart, and I am now feeling as though I am living a separate life from those I am supposed to love dearly. Every other day, I am broken down and sent into a phase of depression of which I have to endure and carry on through.
I am almost desperate for some form of comfort and attention, after all of this time, pain has dulled my feelings, so now I feel no happiness or joy. The only people I can turn to are the ones who have been with me for the longest time. You.
I am asking for those who do not know me and for those who do to try and help me, or at least acknowledging my feelings and having patience with me, and I am asking you to bring with you a shred of kindness to spare for my lonely, castaway soul, even for those of you who are busy or apathetic to cries for help.
Now, this isn't a regular journal, this is a turning point for the remainder of my life, this will be my rise or downfall.
I have tried and I have failed, to connect with each and every one of you, out of my selfishness and personal flaw. I am sorry for being what I am, and what I could not be for all of you.
This is my last straw, this is my last call, this is my last hope, if I find that no one cares for me or is willing to help me... then I lose a reason to live.
I know that I have not given you all enough or anything at all, and I admit with all my heart that it is my fault. You all deserve more than what I have to give, you are the best people that I am ever met, and you all are the best thing that ever happened to me, a small-town boy from a far away place...

(Faves to give me a renewed sense of confidence, any comments to cure my unhappiness and any reposts w/ replies or notes to prevent additional tears of sadness)
Thank you for reading this... ;-;

smoshgoshjosh (Joshua L)


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Miss-Saros Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Oh heck I unwatched you when I cleaned my watching list DD:

is everything okay my dear ? Take a lot of hugs and stay strong <3
AffectiveBlast Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018  Student Artist
hey long time no talk how ya been?!
I missed you after so long!
HiWelcometochilies Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2018  Student General Artist
You art is really awesome!
RedtheSinopa Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Student General Artist
Ive just realized that for all the time since the death of my old account, I haven't been watching you. My apologies, dear friend.
the-alco-Jez Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
holy my, it’s been such a while, but I’ve finally found you! You might slightly remember me as dragonJez , I’ve deactivated the old account and wanted to start everything over. I’m glad I’ve finally found you because I didn’t see any activity from you last times, sincerely hope we’re still being friends (: I’ve found out you are still active on social media only by your twitter account, I’m glad you keep up your art hobby!
Tactical-Talons Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018
*Clings to*
smoshgoshjosh Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
*also clings to*
Tactical-Talons Featured By Owner May 2, 2018
Mangled-Crow Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there, are you possibly open to requests? Just curious tbh o3o
AffectiveBlast Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2017  Student Artist
Hey dude? Was happening.
Long time no see.
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