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I'm still working on this, it's a huge undertaking and it's taking forever (partially because I get bored and lazy).

This suite is still untitled and I would really like it if you could offer throw out some possible names. There will be several app skins and a few site skins to accompany it. I'm going to put the code up for MacThemes on for you to d/l and try out. Maybe that would help to come up with a name if you can actually see and use it. It's not perfect but I can't do any more with MTF. DA is a HUGE site and when the skin is done it probably won't encompass the whole site like DAmn since I never use it.

If you come up with a name you think would work with this please post it here on on Hollywood or send me a note or anything. It's driving me crazy.

Thanks for looking. :)
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Did you ever manage to finish this one? I really would like to see it on my desktop if you have.
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It has been released but not finished. I don't know how available it is.
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dude! where can i get those icons?
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Can I have a link to the Bunny, Stage, & Pencil icons?
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This looks awesome.
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First time seeing this- looks really cool. For a name you should consider "The Shocker" :D
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very nice smoovie ;)
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Looks great Smoovie. :)
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Wow nice, some wood theme are too yellow or goldish if that is a word. but this one is perfect. :)
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Lovely WB smoovie!

My suggestion for a name: "Silverwood"...

As fate has it, one of the priests at my boarding school was called "Father Silverwood", He had no hair on one side of his head & was continually brushing his hair from one side to the other to make up...

Ok, maybe you could take that the wrong way... :D

Great work bro - always fun to look at your stuff...
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maybe Mercedes , like the german car ? its elegant and combines wood with metal (at least on its controls and instruments)

could you tell me where u got that superman dock icon from ? i really like it
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cool man ! but its not working for me in safari. can you show us how to use it ?
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Sorry but I don't use Safari, I don't have a clue how to install it. I use FireFox and use an add-on called Stylish for these.
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thanks for you help man. i did it in firefox and it works now :) its nice to have something new.
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Wood and Chrome never mix.
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Wood Grain, Wooden, Wooden Lotus?
I dunno. :O
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Nice one bro looking sexy so far :P.
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Why don't you call this "Wood passion" or jus "Untitled" it will be very original !
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Looks good, but i would change the bottom of the windows to use the chrome instead of the wood, as for a name, here goes ....

1 - Classic Mac

2 - Nature

3 - Element

4 - Umberto

5 - Qwark

More than one idea i know but maybe one of this name will inspire you ;)
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