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Adolescent Eyes3

By smoovie
When you're a child everything looks mysterious and exciting.

I think this is my most ambitious project yet and I got to tell you .... I'm lazy as hell so this was no small task hahaha.Special thanks to stock.xchng.

3 x 1280x1024

enjoy. :)

EDIT: Made adjustment to sky.
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FaFantastic nod to Roger Dean 😑
Where could I get the triple monitor image ? Its so crazy and cool.
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What about a single image? so I don't have to do so in Photoshop? I use DisplayFusion Pro
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Any chance for an 3x 1680x1050 version!?
torado's avatar
This was featured on my blog here.

love the work keep it up smile
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beautiful and very well done!!
smoovie's avatar
beautiful thank you
very good job!

It remembers the game toejam and earl.
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i only use the left and center ones, because i own just 2 lcds. but they're fine this way.
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Very nice job - I love the single red tree in the middle.

How is there a 3 in the title? :o
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I put it in the title before DA fixed the bug.I think this piece is why you can no longer do it. They caught on after this.
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And after $liquisoft had a deviation with an extra long hyphen.. :paranoid:

Ans ah, okay. :P Thank you.
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just revisiting this,... still stunning :)
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great work.. so much detail and the colors are just awesome... :highfive:
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love it. this will probably become my new wallie! thx :D
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makes me want to buy 2 more monitors just so I can use this background :-)
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I just found my new wallpaper - had to merge the three images in photoshop but now it looks great - thx a lot!
wow, if the world really did have a place like that, i'd visit it everyday xD !
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This was my first fav here on dA:giggle: Fun to come back and look at it every now and then!
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