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I wrote this shortly after acquiring Thomy, but didn't have the guts to post it until now haha

Just a little piece to get into his head, plus I do love writing in his accent.. Fighter Grem2 are my fav subculture besides cypherus hunters and I am so glad to have one now.

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BarbequeVirizion's avatar
Aaah, this is FABULOUS! I stumbled across your lovely piece when my GremCorps batch came along, and I couldn't stop reading! I hope it's not too much to ask, but I'd LOVE more of these! Thank you so very much for this wonderful work! <3 <3 <3 
SmoothYams's avatar
Oh my gosh, this is such a nice compliment thank you!! It means so much to me for you to say that!
I will certainly try to put more out with Thomy if people are interested, I enjoy writing him a lot!
BarbequeVirizion's avatar
Yeah, absolutely! <3
NinGeko's avatar
Nicely written!
SmoothYams's avatar
Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! I appreciate it!