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It was one of the first cold nights of the year and Puck was soaking it in. He laid in the backyard, hands beneath his head, staring up at the sky. The heat of the summer had taken a toll on the grem2, having spent most of the summer flat out on the kitchen floor panting and waiting for the sweet release of fall. Now, with the October sky above him, he was finally comfortable. The merle grem2 had his eyes closed, cold air filling his lungs. Inside the house, his humans were asleep, resting peacefully as they waited for the leaves to change colour.

A heavy sigh escaped as Puck opened his eyes to watch the sky again. Light pollution hid the stars from him, making the night sky a purplish pink. The moons were heavy above him, clouds casting a thin halo around them. Puck was about to close his eyes again when a bright light filled the sky above him. Mouth agape, he watched it plummet to the earth, the area around him turning brilliant blue. The light smashed into the nearby city, the ground rumbled.

He leapt to his feet, bouncing and running in a short circle before he popped up into the air energetically. “ALIENS!” he shouted, “UFOS!”

He ran to the fence, fur on edge, peeking through an eye sized hole as he tried to see where the UFO had landed. His heart pounded so hard in his chest, his whole body vibrated. Images of adventure filled his mind, of space travel and aliens.

Unfortunately, his house was on the outskirts of the city, and there was no way to tell where it had landed. He paced back and forth along the privacy fence before he darted inside, slapping the dog door open, bursting into the living room. The house was immaculate; one could easily eat off the floor. Puck had, now, however, he tracked a trail of dirt behind him as he rushed to where the kids kept their crayons.

He grabbed an assortment of them and a piece of paper, slapping it down on the ground.  His tongue stuck out of his mouth as he began to draw. He hadn’t been taught to read or write, but he was an expert stick figure artist and he was very proud of it. He drew the UFOs crashing into the ground, himself jumping in surprise. He drew himself with a small backpack heading out to the UFOs, and then himself next to a green alien holding hands.

He sat back and admired the drawing for a bit, turning it slightly to the side before he signed his signature—a cartoonish bone. Surely, his owners and their kids would understand his genius, this masterpiece! He’d bring the alien back for the kids, as detailed in the art, and he’d show the whole family. Puck stood up to grab a backpack. He hurriedly shoved a water bottle and a pair of energy bars inside it. The family kept emergency cash above the fridge, so he stood on a chair to find what amounted to about 30 dollars. That went into the bag too. A first aid kit followed. He then ran towards the back door.

He tossed the backpack through the grem-sized dog door. Then he slipped outside. If he had tried to open the door, the alarm would sound. He didn’t know the special code. Once he was free, he slid the backpack over his shoulders. Puck had once dug a hole in the far corner of the yard in case he needed to get out. He’d never used it, but he’d dug it. Now, with the light fresh in his mind, it seemed silly he ever worried about leaving his little yard. As he slid beneath the fence, his collar caught on the bottom of one of the planks.

It was as if the house was trying to stop him from his destiny. He struggled, strained, pushing his small but lithe body against the plank. The collar choked him, making him wheeze. An image began to form in his brain. Puck, trapped there by his collar until morning, his family surrounding him. The children would laugh and his owner, their father, would tap his foot, arms crossed, and scold Puck. They’d fill the area around the fence with cement and he’d never get to see an alien. His masterpiece would not be hung in a museum, titled First Grem2 To Befriend New Aliens, but rather would be placed in the trash. He growled and pressed forward again.  One more try with all his might and, to his delight, the collar popped off and sent him rushing out of the hole. Puck rubbed his throat and picked up his collar, which jingled between his fingers. The snap was broken, so he tossed it in his backpack before he turned and began walking towards the city.

He’d ridden in the car to the city a number of times. He’d once even been allowed to go on a school field trip with the eldest daughter.  It was to a sweets factory.  Puck had loved it, but been told later he wasn’t allowed back. Ultimately, he felt it was the tour’s fault for letting him near that much chocolate. Of course he was going to stick a hand in a vat of chocolate? Who wasn’t?

Nonetheless, he knew the way to the city. He stood under the bus sign, bouncing eagerly on his feet as it rolled to a stop in front of him. He paid the fair and sat near the exit doors, wiggling in his seat. The bus was empty, save for a hobo who was asleep at the back, snoring with his mouth open. As it drove, creaking along, a number of emergency vehicles flew by with their lights flashing, and Puck plastered his face to the window. When the bus stopped, Puck hurried off. He looked left and right, he could hear a lot of chaos nearby so he took of in that direction. What he saw made his fur stand up, his eyes dilated with excitement. He could feel his recessive blood rushing to his head.

A giant blue rock sat in the middle of a shopping center, surrounded by emergency personal. Grem2 and humans in hazmat suits wandered around, picking up pieces of shattered rock.

Puck tenaciously pushed through the crowd, leading with his sharp elbows to the front.  He paused when he met the line of cops, but they didn’t seem to stop him.  In fact, they stepped aside so he could walk forward.

Puck couldn’t believe how imposing it was. The buildings and the crowd around him seemed to melt away until it was just him and his shooting star.  It glowed brightly, illuminating him. He felt it’s light wash over him, something inside his chest was stirred by it. Staring, he bit his lip and swallowed hard. His stomach was full of butterflies, his throat dry. Freedom. It was brilliant. Thought it was not the UFO he’d imagined, surrounded by little aliens, this rock had shot through the big, wide sky specifically for him. It had flown over him, called to him, fell for him. It had signaled him in his tiny backyard to come and find it.  He had escaped his house, rode a bus by himself, pushed through a crowd and now here he stood. It was the most beautiful thing he’d ever witnessed. Puck’s tails bristled as he sighed longingly, the boundaries of his human house seemed so small now.

“Oh, hello, are you one of the help teams?” A friendly grem2 removed their hazmat suit cap, approaching him.

“… Yes!” Puck lied.

“I’m Max,” he didn’t offer his hand, “come with me and I’ll get you set up.”

“Sure!” he slid under the Do Not Enter tape.

Puck knew immediately if he followed Max, he would get to touch the rock.  Soon he’d be closer, soon he’d be freer.
My entry for the Grem2 event!! Word count 1,333

Puck goes on his first big adventure! Lets go GremCorp!
© 2018 - 2021 SmoothYams
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AHH Yams this is so good! It got a couple giggles out of me 
SmoothYams's avatar
AAH -face hands- thank you so much for the compliment!! I'm glad it made you laugh, I was aiming to make people smile c:
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I love Puck's character! He feels like a sweet innocent child~ 
I hope this adventure leads to some interesting character development 
remember: an interesting story is one that pushes change on the ones involved! A change in perspective, in personality, in dreams and desires, etc
idk why I'm writing tips, I'm not a professional or anything

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Aww thank you! I'm glad he came off as innocent, that was the goal!

I do hope to write some kind of development during the course of this event, I'll just have to wait and see what the future prompts are ^_^