What do you do when you fall out of love with the thing that's kept you going for years? That's me and symbiotes, a distaste that's been growing these past 6 months. That's why my art's been scarce, with all the pressure and expectation I've had to force myself to make this stuff; you've no idea how hard I'm finding it or how unhappy I am. I feel lost.

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Koopa said it best! Do what you wanna do! And have fun doing it!
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Hey Smooth, knowing you are unhappy makes me really sad. Maybe the whole patreon and commission stuff turned this into too much of a job for you. You really shouldn’t put too much pressure onto yourself.
Told you before but I’ve been enjoying a lot everything that you’ve been creating symbiote or not. Thank you for that!
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When it comes downIf I'm opening up on the why it feela like feelswithI feel I tried to bottle up and ignore the emotions around my dad passing and at the and at the time the whole Scream returning thing happened so I got back into reading the comica comics and hated what I saw; i think my negative emotions from that hard time were directed away from what was causing them(abd now still sonewhat) andfor my family and as a way of coping and now the whole symbiote thing is negative emotion for thoughts for me.bringsI can open,towards somethinf something as trivial as some comics Sorry to blurb, but I think thatsthat's that'show that's how I can best explain it. I it: I fpcused focused on hating the absolute garbage event Carn Carnto avoid thinking about what I actually hated and that's now made symbiotes dissinteresting to me .. as a wholemore important things Thankyou for thinking don't be sad on my account though, i appreciate your thoughts but despite this thread I don't reallt want to be a downer, just explain myself.reallyUltimately

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Great art comes from inspiration, not from routine and definitely not from obligation. Being an artist is a journey, not a destination!
While my love for symbiotes still burns very bright, you should follow your passions wherever they take you!
I agree with the other commenters: draw what makes you happy and everything else will come naturally.
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That certainly sounds good, ha. I'm trying to make a break from symbiote stuff and maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder fonder, ha.good.I've kinda decided to try (hidden away all my merch etc, pushing away the (negative) thoughts about it) Thanks Thankyou for the :hug::hug::hug::hug:Thankyou! Thankyou for the the kind words!Thankyo

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Do what makes you happy! Art should be fun and make you happy.
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I've been worrying over it for months but maybe I should look at it that way, thankyou! :hug:

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Just make the stuff that makes you feel good! If it isn't the thing you normally would post... I don't care! ;)
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I appreciate the sentiment, thanks :heart:

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