I'm thinking hard about offering render commissions, but is there any interest? I am acutely aware of not being able to offer renders with an unbiased render engine so they would be of a quality similar to what you see in my gallery. If there is mild interest i would likely start with offering simple character shots on a flat background but if there is a genuine interest I can and will invest in some extended license cities, rooms etc. to add some depth. Comics are a possibility, but the options are between this or a patreon with a submission-by-submission plan. Let me know any thoughts/preferences and if you find this an interesting concept, cheers :)
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I thinks its quite interesting! Big fan of the renders you produced over the years especially the Black Cat stuff. What would be your price for one simple character on a neutral background ?
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It'd likely start at something around maybe 5 pounds for a simple character or something I have assets for already, scaling up with the complexity of the character and any other requirements or details. I want to make sure there's value in it for the commissioner so for sure I'd like to hear if you think that's overpriced :) Thanks for getting back to me, maybe there is interest after all lol