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Hi all, little update (and to get that rather grumpy previous entry off my homepage) just to say what's going on:

I'm currently taking advantage of having some time away from work to flesh out a symbi fan-wank I've been thinking of doing a bit recently. Not to give too much away it involves trying to make Mary-Jane Watson a fuller character by "gritty-ing out" her back-story and taking that to its more twisted, less male-sexual-fantasy-centric outcome. (When I write it down it sounds kinda dumb, ya'know... :|) Obviously that means the OOC police might have words to say, but 'fornicate their huddled masses' if I may be so blunt - as I said, it'll be head-canon-tastic, off-the-wall fan wank!

Not sure yet how gritty it will be, but it'll come up here to begin with and maybe later on... not... if it gets too graphic. Looks likely to involve gooey aliens (Squeee!) non-con D/S, probably S/M as well as ground icky enough to cause "character development" if I can call it that :(

So yeah, that's what I'll be doing for a while (now that I can't get out of it having written this!) so if that interests you, keep your eyes peeled; if not I apologize (a little reservedly) in advance, but there'll be something pretty and visual when I hit 10k pageviews to look forwards to :)

Chin-chin, SDiF.
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If I may if your not posting it here where would we be looking at superstories or?
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Still working on it at the moment, pal. It'll be up here when at least a couple' chapters are ready :)
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Well this will certainly be interesting ^^