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So i'll be uploading a new fanfic today hopefully; it's taken the last 2 weeks solid out of my life lol but worth every minute. I just need to proof read the last 2 parts one last time.

It's maybe a bit different for me in some ways but it's one I've wanted to do for a long time and hopefully fills a few gaps, notably for me at least a big story regarding Scream as a threat as I don't think Marvel ever knew what to do with her.

I hope folks enjoy it, let me know when it goes live - feedback as always will be very appreciated.
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Looking forward to it! Any kind of brief synopsis, or preview you can provide?  
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Somewhat following the origins of the original, I tried to stay close to the canon but through a big, probably over-elaborate scheme and by adding a single not too far-fetched (I hope) power, I offer Scream as a thing of nightmares and tell *hopefully* an interesting tale of power, psychological strife and empathy. Hopefully it works out and at least someone enjoys it :)
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It sounds awesome! I look forward to reading it! :D