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So I was looking into a character i didn’t know much about, May Parker from earth-x and came upon this paragraph in the powers section at the bottom:

"It was later revealed by X-51 that the symbiote is from yet another alien species that was manipulated by the Celestials and is in it's third tier of mutation (a level in which a beings mutation is a metaphysical one where their appearance, and abilities are sustained by belief), and that it assumed its appearance and abilities because Peter Parker believed that the machine he retrieved the creature from was one that made costumes, ergo the symbiote became a living costume, and since Peter wanted it to mimic the tools in his old costume,it did so and so on. It is presumably possible its additional abilities and changes in appearances are most probably dictated by the belief that it has its specified abilities. It is possible that the symbiote could gain new abilities or change its properties or appearance should someone else believe it or, or if it became aware of it's true abilities and existence"

This gives me all kinds of ideas I might have to experiment with, dunno about you? :P

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This is crazy.