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So I have a question I'd like a few opinions on if at all possible (cheers!)

Long story short: my life is beginning to gain some kind of order which has left me with more time than I would like to have. Essentially I have less hours at work than I need and lots of time doing nothing (sat playing Warframe tbh!)

Therefore I'd like to offer Commissions to fill the gap and maybe offer more of what people want while putting my spare time to use, my question is this: If I offered commissions, would anybody on my watch list make use of them or would I be wasting my efforts? Also, what would you like to see me offer? I'm quite happy offering fiction writing at a low-ball rate to get things rolling, but would anyone make use of render commissions too?

Let me know any thoughts, because I've been knocking this around in my head for quite simply forever on account of the many requests I get without ever committing to it.

Of course the alternative might be like a donation pool/patreon in return for producing more of what those backers/supporters/goodly souls request.

Let me know what you would like to see me do to make better use of my new found time, because the alternative is going out to find a second job which will put an end to just about anything being added here with any regularity, hard truths today (sorry for the downer lol)

I know my upload rate is sketchy and inconsistent at best, but there's no better motivation than paying the bills so of course I could guarantee faster work if it came in lieu of putting attentions into other jobs.

I'm not into the business of fleecing money off people and this has been a hard idea to settle with myself because it does feel rather mercenary to me personally, but if it helps me be here doing more of what you lovely folks want then I'd be much happier doing that than the alternatives.

Feel free to let me know if you think I should sod off and find a real job, thankyou for reading, Peace.
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I highly recommanded Smoothly too.
His writing skill is top notch and he's very attentive to what the customer want ^^
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Very interested in written commission too ! If you are open to it, I'll gladly pay for a custom story of your own.
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Oh, I'm definitely interested in some written commissions!
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Oh cool, thankyou for the insight. I'm still trying to figure out how best to do it, but it's good to know there's interest. Cheers :)
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did you saw my old note?
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