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The Sorority - Cruel Girls Doing Cruel Things

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Dating back as far as civilization itself, a clandestine organisation has pulled the strings of every great society with unwavering ruthlessness. While shrouded in mystery and spoken of only in the demented blatherings of the lucky few half broken mad-men to have ever escaped their clutches for a few short days or weeks, the Sorority of Sadism pursues a few simple goals: To control everything, to fulfill their own sadistic desires above all else and to profit at the expense of everyone else; if the interests and stability of humanity as a whole can be maintained in the process then all the better.
In the four months since Mistress Lesion's ascent into the ranks of the most elite, secretive and powerful organisation in the world she's been feverishly exploring the limits of the powers bestowed by her slavish new living catsuit, known as a "Contour". Her abilities have taken root: shapeshifting her suit into anything her wicked mind can conjure, control over rubber in all its forms, healing magic strong enough to keep her victims alive long enough to be enjoyable and vast tomes of strategies and spells capable of turning even the most fervent prey's mind to mush. But practise and tutelage are one thing, the time has finally come for the young mistress to meet the rest of Britannia Cell, her new Sisters for the years, centuries and perhaps even millennia to come.

Alongside Mistress Lesion, the Sorority's new resident torturess, slave-breaker, information specialist and general walking nightmare this month we'll meet the three other members of Britannia Cell (from left to right, Lesion (In Red) excluded):

Sorceress Glory, currently embroiled in live-human testing of her latest medical miracle (or at least it will be once she works out what keeps making her vict-uh "Guinea Pigs" scream themselves to death.) Glory lives for the thrill of experimentation, for the power to give or take life with a flick of her finger and she can often be found spending her free time practising her surgical skills on anyone she dislikes or just happens to lay her hands on.

Duchess Outrage, an ageless manipulator who has lived longer than some civilizations, a king-maker and trader in the finest quality human slaves on the market. Some say she commissioned every Abrahamic religion (inconsistencies included just to keep things spicy,) but they're normally never seen again for daring to speak her name; others say if you look hard enough you'll find her any time something truly important happens in her realm. All that's known for sure is that if you cherish anything in life then should you ever see her you'd be best to forget it ever happened.

Finally Huntress Nyx, the unstoppable fist of Britannia Cell; walls cannot stop her, armour cannot stop her, bombs, bullets and knives cannot stop her so when it's said her favourite pastime is to speed-run breaking every bone in the human body you'd best be wary. Assassin, bounty hunter and spy supreme she is a one woman army who revels in the atrocities of the wars she finishes with ruthless, faultless aggression.


So there's a bit of a primer before Lesion's real story starts this month having given her an introduction in february; I'm trying something different with this offering as while I like the quality I can provide with comic pages they take an awfully long time to make and lend themselves only to a much slower storytelling experience; I like the written word as a medium for that storytelling but feel it's a bit too anaemic to offer to my awesome patreons who continue to support me. As a compromise I'm planning to try for lack of a better phrase a picture book, mostly written-word with key scenes/moments presented in art form throughout to really offer the visual experience I myself crave. Hopefully it works out, but I guess it's a try it and see thing; I also realise that this concept is waaay off the deep end for some of my watchers etc. but other DO crave this kind of vicious, unrestrained femdom and I make no apologies for admitting I fall into that category!

Consider this a test I put together for seeing the whole Cell together in their final designs, figured I'd share as there's not much else set to go until the first chapter is ready. Check it out when it is (and support me please!) at

Stay beautiful everyone, Smooth.
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For clarity's sake i deleted two downright misogynistic and rude comments (and blocked the user responsible) because im not having that shit anywhere near my profile. Call it what you will but narrow minded rudeness rubs me up the wrong way.