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Partly on account of my last story going down like a lead balloon, I'ma try something a bit different and render up some other characters.

First up, Black Cat. Now I've made my feelings on this silly knob-head clear in the past, she'd probs be ripped in half completely by accident at her first super fight. I could just render up the ways any other villain, hero or half-assed bystander could kill this muppet without even thinking about it, but seeing as I hear they're trying to put some life behind her dead eyes have this half-assed render and a rant instead.

Lol, I'm such an asshole but whatevs; planning on moving onto better characters from here and wanted this out of the way. Feel free to ignore this POS :P
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Aww she's so pretty :) Love Black Cat, and she looks great in that suit! That is such a moody shot as well :meow: Great use of lighting and, that roof top scene is intense :D