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Ah, Supes! I gotta be honest, Henry Cavill's Superman is one of my favourite (that was where I started with his face here, but I couldn't quite get the features right.) He's got that blue-eyed boy look and plays it very well. Meh, just my opinion; here's another unpopular one: Dawn of Justice wasn't the worst superhero film I saw last year :O Anyway, enjoy! :P

Superman's suit here is the fantastic MOS suit by Iceboy (A freebie no less!):…
Rendered in Daz Studio 4.9 with a little postwork (Lens Flaaaarez!!!1)
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people say he is too powerful, not interesting, that no good stories can be told with him, yet he has endured all this time. Really i dont think anyone truely wants a world without a Superman.
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I agree, he is the original; not sure i would say best, but he's indispensable. I feel his weaknesses are more interesting for his otherwise invincibility, nice tosee him brought down a peg or two sometimes, even superman is only mortal :)
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The worst was Suicide Squad ;)
Like you, I found that there is a tremendous amount of criticism againt the DCU. But I guess when you compare it to the quality and diversity of the MCU. I kinda understand...

Nice work on this one!
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Cheers, not sure what DCU and MCU are tho :/ Probably being thick lol

Suicide Squad wasn't that bad, wasn't great mind. Worst one for me was an iron man film I got dragged along to and spent the last half hour of flicking through reddit on my phone heh. I'm hyped for Wonder Woman mind you, it's a film that's been far too long coming!
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DCU  = DC Cinematic Universe
MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe

I agree with you on the latest Iron Man :) But Captain America : Civil War and Guardians of The Galaxy were, in my opinion, very really good movies.
I'm hyped on a Wonder Woman film as well. We need more super female movie !
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Ah gotcha, that makes sense now i read it all back lol; that was the one: captain america, not iron man. It wasn't for me, but to each their own :)
Couldn't agree more with the last point: it has taken far too long for the industry to catchup with a reality they're struggling to keep tabs on. It's not hard as I see it: frozen = highest grossing superhero film of all time, therefore female superhero films work: so do more, hollywood! :)
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