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The Ascendence of Lesion Page 1

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I'm thinking I'll occasionally repost some of my OC pieces originally made for Patreon here. They're scaled down from the originals and have watermarks that aren't present on my Patreon pieces but little by little I want to put some further use to pages like this that have rotated through and out of my Patreon Gallery after a few months available for those who pledged. None of my Fanart will be reposted, that's a one and done thing that'll be staying as exclusive for my patrons, sorry and all that. I hope to somewhat establish these characters (Mistress Lesion here and Emma Gunn also) through sharing these a little further down the road in the hopes they come to appeal to potential viewers and readers as much as they do to me. I've put a lot of work and though into developing these characters and worlds so hopefully they can become at least successful enough to be enjoyed by some.

Originally posted: 04/02/2020
Rating: Adult due to sexual themes and torture

This is page one (of three) of Mistress Lesion's introductory comic; there is much to say about everything going on behind the scenes: who the Sorority of Sadism are, where their immense power and control over most human affairs comes from and why their methods are so brutal and unapologetic. I think for now all I'll let onto is that they are a clandestine organisation who hold absolute power through unscrupulous and sinister ways because that's how they choose to operate. The Sorority choose to have the world believe that men have dominated history because that both pacifies men and draws gazes and expectations away from themselves, allowing for the kind of clandestine pulling of strings that lets us all sleep at night; even if owner of the latex-gloved hand holding the strings holds a slave's leash in the other hand, it really is for the best.

The members of the Sorority wear mystical outfits known as "Contours" that harness and channel their wearer's sadistic energies into magic-like effects from simple healing and shape-shifting right through to mind control, physical strength and a lifespan many times that of mere mortals; what the Sister wearing the suit desires and needs the most is what the suit exists to provide. They can take whatever form the Sister envisages though the tradition for representing the colours one's own quirks and kinks - black for physical supremacy, red for domination, blue for psychological supremacy and gold for manipulation - is a strong one upheld by most within the Sorority.

Lesion is entering this world having been rigorously scouted and found to be sadistic, unscrupulous, shamelessly self-motivated and vain to a fault: all of the most desireable attributes of someone capable of doing what the Sorority says needs to be done. Sure it's all very Machiavellian, but if you think the world's all sunshine and rainbows, the budding young Mistress Lesion might have a collar in your size and a lesson plan on realism to mete out between whip cracks!

Not sure when page two might make an appearance, but a portion of my work on Patreon is Original fiction like this; I also have an entire 7500 word illustrated story following on from this 3 page comic currently live on there as well as a 6k word side-story detailing the day-to-day tortures inflicted as a pastime by one of Lesion's new Sisters to flesh out the world a little more. There's also the Emma Gunn intro comic from March and April to follow here after it's rotated out in time. This has all been added since I started my Patreon in January and that's without mentioning the Fan Art/Fiction which makes up more than half of my work; it's been a productive year and I will continue in the same vein with the support of those who enjoy my work and keep me going through their pledges and for whom I'm infinitely grateful!

Be well, stay safe and look forwards to more, Smooth.
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Nice. Could you post some catwoman stuff