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She's behind you! - Catwoman

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'Jefe?' He asked, turning back where he came from as he swore he heard his boss say something. Something shivered up his spine, a word or words more like a feeling as if they were being spoken by some kind of God right into his soul: "Your boss cannot hear you anymore!" it seemed to purr as he froze up in terror. 'W-Who?!' He tried to demand and assert himself, but it was far, faaar too late as another spine-tingling thought straight out of the Avatar of Night's mind told him his fate 'You're both MINE!' - Just a little bit of improv based on the script of the comic this belongs to.

Realise I haven't shared anything much here for way too long so here's an unscripted single panel from Catwoman's ongoing digital fan comic over on my Patreon ( This particular comic was added at the end of august and is still available as a scripted comic for all Patrons and as Quad HD unscripted renders for £10 patrons. I keep a few months of stuff available at a time so atm both this short 8 image mini-comic as well as the 20 panel origin comic from May and a interceding written short story are all currently available alongside other various stories I currently have ongoing. I suppose I'm inspired to offer this as I'm working on the next, longer comic right now for hopefully this month. Hope you like, I'll try add a few more bits as I go, but no promises; I always get caught up in the process of creating and forget to actually show off what I'm making! :|

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