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Request by DavidXx156, don't normally do requests but it was a chance to put some practice in if nothing else.

Made using:
Daz Studio's Daz3D and Victoria 4 (with custom textures)
Dyald's Valens Hair
RPublishing's Modern Apartment
LD Halter top (edited by me for the purposes of this)
Exnem's Jeans Solution for V4
Insane_Machine's Airforce Sunglasses

Thoughts? Next up (time permitting) I'm going back to that whole Titania thing, watch this space (but if you know me, you'll know not to watch too closely lol)

Peace, SmoothlyDIF
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what was used for the tendrils I wonder?

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Hey man sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner you did an amazing job on this piece can't wait to see what the other one looks like!! :)
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Heya, DavidXx156, glad you like. Unfortunately I've got the artistic juices flowing onto ideas I've had cooking up myself, I'm sure there is someone in the great FemSym community willing to do part two in my stead. Sorry to disappoint, but I have ideas I want to get out before life gets hectic again in the near future and time is against me. All the best, SmoothlyDIF
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Well at least your honest thank you though for the request it was a really good job! ;) by chance Do you know anyone who can do 3d symbiote models like you do??
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Maybe try ?… is one of my favourites, does really nice renders of deadly girls (not necessarily symbiotes, but might be convinced :) ) Glad you liked it, helped me work through a bit of a block I had.
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:) (Smile) you like my work symbiote girl?
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Indeed, I'm watching to see where you go with it, I see you use daz too :) 
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One of your best ever, Smoothly! Glad to see you back on the scene!
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Thanks Boofka, I appreciate that :)
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I hope to see more of this kind of rendering in your upcoming work...? *fingers crossed* I know a lot of fellas like their symbiote women all muscular, but very few things turn me on like a rendering like you did on the last panel.
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Well, I'll see what I can do. Gonna do something with the long overdue Ventania comic first, then put some focus into the more slender, but not (it has to be said) overtly sexual OC I posted in my previous deviation, but I'll see if I can put a little something in there for you :)
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Glad to see some new hotness :)
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Never one to knowingly disappoint, matey :P
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