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Officer Emma Gunn

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Name: Emma Marie Gunn
Occupation: Police Officer with the NYPD
Age: 31
D.O.B.: June 17th 2017
Quirks: Deaf and poor eyesight caused by her unique "Ailment"
Special note: Following a recent incident Officer Gunn has become effectively invincible, additionally her body projects a thin field of roughly 10mm around her that spreads this effect to anything that remains within it over a period of time. After initially recovering consciousness, the immovable state she had been discovered in apparently extended to her senses. Her eyesight partially returned over the course of a few hours and it was determined by NYPD specialist Reeves that her immunity to all outside influence was blocking light from being able to penetrate the lenses of her eyes; how she partially overcame this while otherwise retaining her invincibility to all other influence (including in her eyes) is unknown but she has yet to regain any use of her hearing or other sensory feedback.

The year is 2048 and following the central collapse of 2041 crime has become not only commonplace but a way of life. Central funding for law enforcement evaporated as the government collapsed, the legal system evaporated as courthouses were left derelict and prisons fell to rioting and were abandoned. Those in the police force who feared for themselves and their families departed to look after their own while only the most committed and passionate remained to try and maintain some sense of order. The police have become outnumbered, outgunned and struggle to merely look after themselves; times are desperate. Without a sophisticated penal system Police Officers have come to serve as enforcers, judges, juries and where needs be: executioners. However an explosion in the midst of a gang assault at a private scientific installation researching unknown technology (all records were lost in the event) has offered the slightest glimmer of hope to the New York Police Department: while attempting to save the staff at the facility in a reckless move, attending officer Emma Gunn was caught in the critical explosion that gutted the facility and killed everyone else inside; against all odds she survived and after falling into a coma was discovered amidst the wreckage in a state that can best be described as immovable. She couldn't be influenced in any way, even by the strength of a dozen men and anything left in direct contact with her for longer than 30 minutes became equally steadfast; the NYPD rallied around and cordoned off the area until she awoke 2 weeks later. Blind and deaf on account of her new state her comrades had no means of getting through to her; while immovable from the outside she proved more than capable of moving of her own free will and after causing numerous accidental casualties in her panic she was given space to recover. With her sight partially returning her situation was explained andafter coming to terms with it, the passionate and committed (if a little ditzy) officer decided to put her new ability to use in returning law and order to New York City. Crime may be rampant and gangs may rule the streets in broad daylight, but in Officer Emma Gunn the law will never perish even if she has to sentence every last criminal in her city with her own two hands.

Emma Gunn (C) SmoothlyDIF 2020


So here's a character I've come up with more recently along with a fitting setting, Emma is essentially a proverbial "Immovable Object" and by extension an "Unstoppable Force"; bullets flatten against her, nothing outside of herself can affect her; solid objects that would be otherwise unbreakable to you or I buckle around her as the only means of energy release. The idea of what that would mean for her senses came later, but IMO if you were ACTUALLY invincible, how could sound affect your eardrums to let you hear? Or light strike your retinas? Of course with a thin field of invicibility she needs an outfit that stays within that, can't be having her clothes getting tattered by gunfire that does nothing at all to the person within, can we? Yeeeah, I know I'm not fooling anyone; it's totally all an excuse to have a bullet-proof, gun-toting, catsuited bad-ass doing kick-ass shit but I'm not making any excuses :P

Not sure how fleshed out any of this might become, but I personally really like the idea so who knows?

Stay beautiful, Smooth.
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Love the concept and art! Interesting that her quirks comes with drawbacks. Makes the character really interesting.
But wondering, because of her 10mm field of invincibility, her outfit is gonna get destroyed after 30 min?
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Maybe I didn't explain it well, i meant that the field makes anything within that 1cm also invincible while it remains inside it but it only becomes invincible once it's been inside it for 30 mins. Like it takes on her immunity while things like bullets, attacks etc. Don't because obviously they don't hang around. Same logic as superman wearing a skintight number so his invincibility can protect it.

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Got it ! Thanks for taking the time to explain
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No problemo, i mostly made this to not bog down comic pages in too much exposition so I'm glad I coupd clear it up :)