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Kinxxu - March Patreon Teaser

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Hi all, a little something cooked up for my latest Patreon offering, a 10k OC symbiont story about a young woman with an unhealthy obsession with a shape-shifting hentai fiend who is about to come into contact with a similarly mercurial sentient friend and make all of her fantasies into realities. Within the story our protagonist owns a particularly worn copy of "Mistress Kinxxu and the Catgirls of Feliz III" (Yes, it probably is as ridiculously corny as it sounds, but that's kinda the fun of it, it's supposed to be a kinda send-up of silly old-fashioned sci-fi and the like) which is what we have here, looks like it's been through a erm... lot. The un-sullied (and larger resolution) version is part of the Patreon post so if you like anything you see, please consider helping me to survive with just a few dollars a month, you cannot believe the difference it makes to me!

All the best, Smooth
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Nice job and does one have her fingers in another mouth
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Aye, certainly does. There are fingers, hands and feet all over the place. Bit of something for everyone in there I think =P

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Ah just making sure 🦊