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Inverse Melona - Patron Request

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A request from one of my patrons over at; I offer a single render like this after a few months on the upper tier of pledge; same guidelines as my commissions apply but I've learned of some new and interesting characters through offering these. I'm immensely thankful for those who help support me while also sharing their ideas through these kinds of collaborations, I have a couple more that I've done recently to share over time, but for now: Inverse Melona!

This is a request to somewhat reimagine Melona from the Queen's Blade anime factoring in certain design elements of "Herrscher of the Void" from Honkai Impact and "Inverse Tohka" (hence Inverse Melona) from Date-A-Live. It was an interesting one to work on figuring out the best way to make the different characters click together within the brief and I actually dig the results myself. Might sound a little arrogant but I think she turned out fucking hot! :P

Peace, Smooth
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