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Fashion Cat-astrophe - Catwoman's new 'costume'

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Oh, Cats... Cats, Cats, Cats... Life just keeps throwing lemons at you, doesn't it? After so many years as a sob-story poor woman's Batman, put through the wringer and stripped of all traces of personality you'd just begun to start getting out from under the Bat's shadow. You'd found a new city to call your own, started finding your way back into that self-serving lifestyle with a heel-turn on the way and even had a few enemies to call your own. Then the artists got cynical and phoned up Gok Wan's idiot brother Gok Wanker to drape you in this travesty of a 90s fancy dress costume with her tits hanging out to fool us "stupid men" into buying the comics. Sigh...

Yes, for those unaware: unebelievably this IS (or as close a facsimile as I'll ever make of) Catwoman's new outfit as seen here: -… and…

The Joker has nothing to do with it, the symettry of colours is just too obvious and J-man clearly wears it better. There's a sentence I never thought I'd type. I mean, a purple and green hooker dress? What's she gonna do, leap into battle without a bra on, tits flappin' in the wind until she trips over the hem and faceplants? Another woman in comics sexualized until the willing suspension of disbelief breaks. I can't even...

So Cat's a villain now and apparently the first crimes she'll be committing are against fashion; I can't remember many costume changes destined to be as short-lived as this (if the gods of good taste have anything to say about it) but ripping into this feels like shooting fish in a barrel. I've no idea what they were thinking, maybe they ran out of black ink? Or... or maybe I'm reading this wrong and she's doing her master of disguise thing and keeps stumbling into retro costume thrift stores? Gotta blend in on that "Can you believe this used to be fashionable?" aisle <.<

This is just for lols really, it's not that much worse than what she's been running around in otherwise recently with her stink-pits hanging out; I suppose having the character dress like a licentious granny is no real reason to keep ignoring her, but I just can't get excited for a character with such a boring visual design.

Feel free to join me in ripping the piss out of this in the comments if that takes your fancy or if you disagree feel free to tell me why; I can take it ;)
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I actually love the costume, i just wish it had sleeves. Though then it would just be her classic costume, instead of something new and slightly different.

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That's fair enough; "to each their own" as they say.