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Event Horizon

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'This is the entity in question, sir. The scientists responsible named it Eve.'

'Eve?! The first female of her species, Doctor?'

'No, sir... It's short for Event Horizon, which is the-'

'Like a black hole?!'

'Yyyes, sir. The team at the facility were undertaking research into what happens to information swallowed by a singularity; we're not sure about the details but whatever they did caused the information they pumped into the stable black hole to gain some degree of sentience.'

'They made a... living black hole? Why's she not swallowing everything around her? Explain to me what kind of threat I'm dealing with here and spare me the jargon if you'd be so kind!'

'Well we're still figuring it out ourselves sir, but the team believes that because information cannot be destroyed even in a black hole it remains as a sort of shell or coating around the matter within. We believe it has somehow gained the ability to not only control and contort the mass and energy it's linked to but somehow regulate its gravitational force at will. We think that ability to eject light is why it's doesn't just look like a black emptiness, it's intentionally showing itself to us!'

'Hhh, just tell me what I need to know to stop this thing! She slaughtered everything in her path out of there, I need her stopped NOW!'

'Sir, I feel it's important to reiterate that this is NOT a she, it's not human in any capacity; it HAS been seeking out sources of information, purging data banks and presumably its victims so there are many unknowns in how it even identifies but we shouldn't think of it as a person. We're not even sure if it means harm or is just trying to communicate...'

'That's besides the point, Doctor... It's a killing machine and it's out in the world at large. Now my best guys are tracking this thing down and I need an answer on how to stop it!'

'Sir, we just don't have the technology to stop something like this. It's... It's a cosmic anomaly, there's just no science to counter the raw destructing capabilities of a singularity!'

'Hhh, what about our caped friend? She's invincible, surely she can at least slow this thing down!'

'Sorry sir, she tried. We're currently looking for a material sturdy enough to make a prosthetic capable of withstanding her strength but she'll be out of action for quite some time.'

'Wait... Prosthetic? She tried to PUNCH a black hole?! Didn't you tell her?'

'Yyyes sir, we did... While we believed the gravitational forces at play shouldn't have been able to cause her any actual damage we believe that the time-dilation effect slowed the particles in her arm closest-'

'Spare me the details, Doctor. I've now got to explain to the Executive Committee that we've got a living god with no arm and a walking black hole on the loose... God I need a drink!'

'Sir, if it helps some of the team believe attempting to make contact and cooperation could be the solution as stopping it will not be possible.'

'Not be possible, Doctor? I don't believe in impossibility!'

'With all due respect, sir... you're looking at it.'


A little bit of an OC that's evolved from one thing to another to another; is she moral? Immoral? Amoral? Could a sentient spacial anomaly BE any of the above? Who knows.

Eve/Event Horizon (C) SmoothlyDoesItFreely 2019
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A sentient black hole, that's a new one. I'm interested to see where this idea goes.

Also I did a little of digging because I was curious and if I understood the science right a black hole with the volume of an average person would have a mass equaling almost 29 times that of the Earth itself. But this is your OC and its science fiction so go nuts.
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Yeah i hadn't done the math but I dupose we could put it down to the actual mass being much smaller so the actual human outline is the limit of the event horizon that light can't escape from rather than the limit of her volume so the actual size of the black hole's mass would be a tiny fragment of that? It would still be unworkable, but let's just call it science fantasy and use comic book logic to say it "just works" XD
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I guess when dealing with one of the dangerous objects in the universe that's pretty much how it has to go.
All that aside I can't wait to see more.
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I love when you push out an update! Good work! I look forward to seeing more!
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Thanks very much, i realise my releases are too sporadic but I get so lost in one thing or another that I get sidetracked from regular updates.
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Nice! You should do more of her!
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Cheers, I could do so.
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Real nice! Love your ability to write entertaining dialogs
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Thanks, felt it needed just enough explanation to not ruin the fun of headcanoning ;)
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