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Erin - Rubber at Night 8

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"Arriving back below the window her hair tendrils shot up to wrap around a nearby girder pulling Erin up. However when she tried to escape through the window bars she found the statue was too wide and, didn't fit through! There were a half dozen men suits firing at her now from below and, she could think of only one other way out of here--the main doors. She took time to look down at the men for a moment shouting, "Stop it already! Those bullets don't even come close to hurting me but, let me tell you they pinch like the devil!" They didn't seem impressed and, just kept shooting."

Image eight of a series by and for :iconskindral: featuring his OC Erin.

Story by :iconskindral: renders by moi
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Nice one =P Erin just looks pissed off if anything, with those bullets doing barely any damage to her malleable body! She looks amazingly powerful rising up to her full height and with that fearless look in her eyes :O