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Erin - Rubber at Night 3

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"Her long hair changed from its fiery red hue to a darker red head full of rubbery tendrils and, after a second or two of experimenting she found she had full control over its movement. "Huh that's interesting.. seems like I can use my hair as an extra limb if worst comes to worst" she whispered to herself.

Her transformation complete she set off to infiltrate the compound. Her jet black form was almost invisible at night reflecting light only when the moon light hit her so, she stayed in the shadows as she jumped the fence with a single bound and scurried across the yard. She flattened herself against the wall--literally, becoming an almost 2 dimensional image of herself as she pressed her soft body against the bricks, until she discovered a barred second floor window she could climb through."

Image three of a series by and for :iconskindral: featuring his OC Erin.

Story by :iconskindral: renders by moi
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Whoa those long red tendrils look spectacular trailing behind Erin as her rubbery form takes flight :D You captured a great moment there leaping over the fence, and I love the way her face is the last part of her to transform =P Giving us one final glimpse of her human form while wearing what amounts to a skin tight rubber suit just before the transformation is complete :D