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Erin - Rubber at Night 2

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"After she carefully folded up the t-shirt and baggy pants concealing her curvy figure she closed her eyes and focused on her transformation. Her smooth pale skin started to ripple like a rock disturbing a pond setting her countless freckles into motion.

Starting at the tip of her endowed chest her body changed. The color of her skin changed to a jet black glossy tone as she slowly shifted into her rubber form. The red head gasped as the new material tickled her belly button then enclosed her arms and legs.

She touched her cheek to feel the heat created by her transformation as the black rubber slowly crawled up her face leaving only her glossy red lips and piercing green eyes their original color."

Image two of a series by and for :iconskindral: featuring his OC Erin.

Story by :iconskindral: renders by moi
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That is a delicious looking effect the way her rubber skin slowly crawls across her body and envelops her original form :) Her expression is sweet as well :meow: She's such a beauty!