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Erin - Rubber at Night 10

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"She curled herself up into a perfect sphere with the artifact at the center and her face on the outside so she could see and bounced off into the moon lit night. "

Final Image of a series by and for :iconskindral: featuring his OC Erin.

Story by :iconskindral: renders by moi

(Sorry this one's a bit dark)
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more pleaseee
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Aww this is such a great ending showing off her spherical form as she makes her escape :D Too bad this shot came out kinda dark, I can hardly see what she looks like taking that form :meow: Still that smile on her face is awesome! Thank you so much :la: :la: :la:
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Not a problem, bud :) Kept you waiting six months lol, thankYOU for being so patient! :D
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Aww that is so nice of you to say :) I don't know if this is asking for too much but, do you think you could do another pic of Erin's rubber ball form? Say, she's making her escape and a few minutes later the sun comes up so we get a better view of her as she's bouncing away across the city's roof tops! That would be so sweet :D
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