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Emma Gunn - Immovable Issues (Patreon April 2020)

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What happens when an immovable object - come - unstoppable force grips a little too tightly to a pair of standard-issue police pistols? Well it isn't good for their longevity that's for sure!

In this month's second half of my Emma Gunn comic, Em grows in confidence as the first mission of her self-imposed quest to cleanse the streets of 2048's anarchistic New York gets off to a start. I'm not going to say what kind of start, just that it's a start ;) Mild content flag is because the comic itself features violence and mid-low swears.

Big thanks as always to all my Patrons, you guys are the best and make the art so easy to make just with your support; it's a pleasure creating for you guys' and gals' enjoyment and as selfish as it sounds I hope a few more join the adventure! These are tough times so I understand that we all have to cut out the non-essentials; I bear no grudges to those who can't or have had to back out of pledges. I thank you for checking me out either here or on Patreon regardless of what capacity that's in, I just hope my work at least amused you for a little while :)

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Likes and comments are always warmly received so don't be shy. Stay home, stay safe! Smooth.

Officer Emma Gunn (C) SmoothlyDIF 2020
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