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Dispatching Interloping Angels

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Jezebel was almost growing bored of the endless choirs of angels she was swatting on a daily basis, but if you're going to pick a war with God you'd better be ready to squash some footsoldiers.

Pitchfork Eyebeams! Because that's cool. Strict content filter for gore and Idealogically sensitive material; I realise I should have marked the previous piece with the latter so I'll do that, but hopefully this shows a little of the power the Demon Queen Jezebel possesses when completely formed around her human symbiont Nell. As an auxiliary point the revealing design of the angels is intentional, as I see it if both the men and women have a little something on display then no-one's drawing the short straw :)

As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged even if it's to say you dislike what I'm offering up. I know I'm most associated with fanfiction/fanart but I'm coming to the realisation that I've invested more in some characters than their own Canon has and the concerns I have about the direction they may be taking Scream for example says it's high time for me to have characters to invest in and take forwards that can't be ruined by someone else. If this character and concept doesn't offend you on idealogical grounds all I ask is you give it a chance.

As always, stay beautiful.
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Interesting character, would love to see more of her. Seems that the symbiotic dynamic between Nell and Jezebel is very unique.  The universe you set her in reminds me a bit of the Bayonetta universe.
Thanks for sharing your work!
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I won't lie Bayonetta entered my thinking on more than one occasion while planning things out and I don't think that's a bad thing, it was a fresh feeling game in setting. I'll try and do more showing the symbiotic elements soon as that's the obvious interest of everyone (myself included :p) appreciate you taking the time to have a look and comment!