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An Introduction to Jezebel

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Since the moment she was born Nell Sears has known the soul mistakenly conjoined to her own as Jezebel, the Demon Queen of Ancient Israel. Their souls bound together since their first instant on Earth, Nell has trusted and confided through adversity and ridicule in the soul condemned to Hell millenia earlier as her immoral compass and guide. Forsaken in her own time for her worship of Beelzebub, Jezebel elevated herself into the highest echelons of Demonkind through force of will and unshakeable fury; now unexpectedly returned to Earth yet shackled within Nell, she yearns to be free and to fully embrace the form they share. The pair now find themselves drawn to a distant ritual in the hopes of Jezebel regaining her full power that they may take their wrongful place in this world.


Here's a little intro/guide to my OCs Nell Sears (foreground) and her Demonic soul-sharing buddy Jezebel.

So two and a half years after I first shared some concept art for this character I'm somewhat ready to do something with her. I'm indecisive, even still I have a comic script laid out for the opening pages detailing the liberation of Jezebel's true form but I'm thinking I'll do more one-offs like this showing off the character and her wicked streak instead. Don't be in two minds, just because she's the story protagonist doesn't make her any any kind of hero. More than anything I hate simplistic goody vs. baddy crap and I intend for this story to be about exploring the idea that power determines what is good and what is evil and that with enough power even a Demon can be good.

Fair warning if/when I do go ahead with more stuff involving Jezebel it WILL be as NSFW as a paperweight shaped like a dildo: violent, gorey, sexy, (hopefully) funny and very sweary. I could never aspire to the level of art in something like Invincible, but that's the kind of ultra-violence you might expect; coupled with a jovially carefree egotist of a protagonist I think it's best to check any expectations of decency at the door.

In regards to the character design itself when I had the idea to have demon and human symbiotically bonded I realised the importance of having a character that "owns" the historic connotations both racist and misogynistic of the name Jezebel used as it has been to persecute women of colour most pertinenty black women. I know full well this idea is a risk, religious types will hate it and it raises points in the name and theme that many don't want to talk about, but if I'm not part of the solution I'm part of the problem. No regrets.

I'm always open to feedback, suggestions, ideas and whatever else because you folks are awesome and I :heart: you. Thanks for taking the time :)
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What if Nell is a normal human being? A well respected archaeologist by day and an immoral god-complex by night?
And she seeks for this ancient demon queen, desired to be bonded with and become a goddess herself.
It's always interesting to follow the villain's journey from nothing to accomplishing their goal by sheer will and mind.
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For character progression something like gradually "reawakening" Jezebel would be a plus you're absolutely right. I came to the idea I've settled on with the intent to get into the main chunk of the story (namely her war against God for absolute power,) for worrying that It'll lose people's interest with too much fluff at the start. Despite in my opinion this being one of the highest quality uploads I've submitted this has already gotten a thoroughly lukewarm response I fear because I've done far too much derivative and fan-fiction work and my watchers don't want original work so I have concerns about stretching it out too far and losing people even more. You've certainly given me food for thought, I'm considering a short story form look at maybe Nell knowing the demon as a mere presence or a voice that's part of her psyche causing jinxes on those around her when she's younger and have some skips to key points as she finds ways to will Jezebel's full presence into being.
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That sounds promissing !!
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Thanks, glad you think so :D