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250 DevWatchers! THANKYOU!

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During my time away I hit 250 watchers and that's a big deal that I felt needed some kind of celebration, so thankyou to all 251 of you, I'm always happy to know you're about and happy to see more of the somewhat passable stuff I upload XD

To say thankyou here's a (semi-randomly selected) render from my series (220+ images) i did of Anastasia Kravinoff with the Venom symbiote. I've thought of offering the set for a few bucks but I doubt there'd be much interest once all the utterly horrifying stuff was cut out :P but it is a hint at the amount of unshareably poor quality reams of renders I have made to tickle my own fancies lol

Thankyou all for sticking around, it's a pleasure to create stories and art for you all :D

On a side-note my family issues are resolved, I'm back in the god's country :P and commissions are open once more (for anyone interested written commissions start at £10 per 1000 words and renders begin at £10 with comic layouts and scripting options available.) I have also been considering doing a journal entry with my take on Scream mini no.1 as possibly her most visible and vocal flag-bearer (it would be breaking down how it all fits with her character, where it's likely to head IMO as well as a bit of an introduction to why the character appeals to more mature readers and what makes her unique for those less familiar with the queen bee.) Not sure however if that's of any interest to anyone so I'll hold off and let my recent uploads be enjoyed for a little while :)


*Edit: this (up to) 246 image series is available now. At £20 sterling (through paypal) you get all 246 high-res unscripted images and a 3500 word accompanying script to either read alongside or ignore and write your own story. Warning: contains heavy NSFW content of various types, note me to determine which version is best with any lacking images resuting in lower prices to compensate. Delivered through dropbox with any future images in the series being added into the folder if and when.
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Congratulations on hitting 250!
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I would pay to see the whole set
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Good to know, I'm looking at maybe patreon if I figure there's enough interest
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I’d like to see the set of renders. Pls send to me!
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