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Mature content
Fawn :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 5
Mature content
Fragments :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 1 4
Lifelike Limerick
We all play a melancholic game of life
Not playing it right will get you stabbed by a knife
When I say "Let me be!"
It'll reply "We need your glee!"
It's taken away every last piece of my strife.
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 5 0
Monochrome Field by SmoothieFlakes Monochrome Field :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 5 4
Morning Sun/Cold Nights
Morning Sun/Cold Nights
Take me to the sun
Where I won't be stunned
By the rays of my enemies
Bashing my identity
Take me to the moon
So we can both stay immune
From this manifestation
That's called an abomination
But now, we can only watch the stars
And hope and pray to leave to Mars
To escape from this horrible world
With its fangs out, ready to bring us to the underworld
It's scaring me, it's scaring you
I want to leave, how about you?
Take my hand, and we'll go to the clouds
Running away from our problems, leaving the crowds
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 2 2
Ancient Ruins - Chapter 1
Ancient Ruins (Art Trade)
Author's Note: Hiya! This is a story I'm writing for an art trade with a friend of mine. It's fan fiction of a video game that I love, Fantasy Life. There's a lot of slang used in the game in this work, so I'll make a little dictionary for you guys:
Ancient Ruins: A location in the Drysand Desert that holds ancient treasure, but is guarded by ferocious beasts.
Al Maajik: A desert city in the world of Reveria.
Bounty: A box you get when defeating a high-level beast. If you bring it to a Guild Office, you can trade it in for Dosh and a special item.
Castele: A kingdom in the world of Reveria.
Dosh: The currency of Reveria.
Desert Ravine: A road leading to the entrance of Al Maajik.
Gigante: The protector of the Treasure Chamber in the Ancient Ruins.
Grassy Plains: A road branching off to multiple different lands.
Guild Office: An office in every major city in Reveria. They allow a person to change their Life and cash in Bounties.
Mercenary: A Life that can be ma
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Wildflower by SmoothieFlakes Wildflower :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 2 0
A loud, but low sound flows through the air like a siren. It warns us of lightning: What could lead to our demise.
Its presence can scare some. It can make them cower under their sheets, close the blinds and lock the doors. They think it will harm them.
Why should we be afraid of thunder when it is only trying to help us?
It's sending out a distress signal, a sign of warning. It doesn't want us to get hurt, the ones chosen to have a soul be placed in their body. It wants us to be at peace, in the outside and inside of us.
So, why should we be scared? We should be thanking this gift of Mother Nature. It shows her kindness before her wrath. The calm before the storm.
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 0
Daydream Reality
Inspired by Evanescence's "Imaginary" and the Earthbound/Mother series's "Magicant"
Sometimes, while just staring at a random object, my vision fades to a new world, clouded by thoughts that couldn't leave my mind.
My legs regain consciousness, and immediately leads the rest of my body up with it. My eyes open to see a strange but beautiful world that cannot be put into simple words:
Lavender vines choking each tree with clouds for leaves, fish swimming through the transparent branches. A snowy white ground lay upon the land, scattered with animals made out of paper, aluminum, wood, and rock. Flowers blooming on the tips of each hill and mountain, and houses made out of conch shells and palm trees. The sky draping this world has a kaleidoscope of colors that couldn't be counted.
My feet move along the clear grass,  even though I am unable to control their direction. I hear a calming music in my ears, coming from nowhere in particular. I walk along a purple
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Where will I go after all this time?
I keep trying and trying, but I've only gotten to overtime
It keeps going and going, leaving me behind
But I'm gonna make it this time
What will I do today; where will I go?
I couldn't do much today, had to stay low
I wanted to make a name for myself on the glow
But I'll try again tomorrow, though
How will I get there to the city lights?
It's not as easy with all my fright
Should I just give up and find another sight?
I think I'll stay, it's alright
I'm gonna settle down, I'm thinking too much
My brain on the Hollywood sign and the such
I'll go up there and take it off its clutch
I'll go and regain my sense of touch
I'm going back, it's alright
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 1 2
Mature content
Trapped :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 1 2
Tick, tock.
Click, clock.
It can drive one insane
If listened to in vain.
Click, clock.
Tick, tock.
Why does the clock tick now?
Why can't it be tomorrow, later, why on the prow?
Tick, tock.
Click, stop.
Why does it change?
Can't it be the same in every country, city, and lane?
Click, stop.
Tick, sop.
Who does this affect?
Why do we need time to prevent things from getting wrecked?
Tick, sop.
Slop, stop.
The person that's being affected is me.
Trying to forget what I'm going to be.
Slop, stop.
Stop, sop.
This noise won't go away now.
It's laughing at me, like I'm a cow.
Tick, tock.
Click, clock.
It gets louder and louder as I try to forget
My brow starting to become drenched in sweat.
Why does it matter anymore, you know?
I've pretty much been given the final blow.
I need to stop looking at this fantasia
And take some much-needed euthanasia.
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 0
Some people listen to it because they're bored. Others, for knowledge. To some, it's for escape.
The beat pumping through our blood, the instruments serenading us into a completely different world, and the lyrics speaking to us in our heart.
The artist's feelings, hopes, and dreams are all poured as one into a masterpiece called "music".
No matter what genre it may be or what it may be about, any piece can be a great one. One that can send people into a trance. One that can let the entire world know how you feel about someone or something.
Anything can spiritually speak to you, but almost nothing can compete on the level that music can.
Music is a force of being: One that can change people's lives.
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 1 4
Season Haikus
On a winter's day
White snow falling from the sky
Brightens the bland ground
Beautiful blossom
Grant the world your pretty sight
Bloom again together
The flames, orange-red
Striking onto us harshly
Greeted with tough love
Yellow, brown, orange
Vivid colors blinding me
Start anew with grace
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 1
Mature content
Alone at Sea :iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 0
Dragon's Egg
Dragon's Egg
"Oh, God! What is that?"
The timid boy screamed, cowering into a bulky girl's side. They stood on top of a grassy hill littered with trees, wildflowers and patches of dirt, watching a large forest-green dragon sleep.
"Have you ever heard of a dragon before? What else do you think it is?" The girl rudely said. Almost instantly, the boy left her side and stood straight beside her.
"W-What should we do?" The boy asked his comrade. In response, the girl began to stroll towards the resting dragon. Going up to a ginormous green egg, she went on her knees and attempted to pick it up.
"Dang. Won't budge." The girl monologued. She went back on her feet, and walked back to her previous position -- Only to trip over a stray dragon wing.
The boy gasped as she saw the girl fall on the dirt. The dragon's brown eyes opened soon after, feeling something planted on it's wing.
Feeling the wing move under her, the girl jumped up and pulled out a pocket knife in protection.
"Put that away! It
:iconsmoothieflakes:SmoothieFlakes 0 0



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Hello everyone! My name is SmoothieFlakes, also known as Mahogany Mocha. I haven't used this account for 2 years (and then abandoned it again), but I'm here to revive it! I'm mainly here to write, but I might post a drawing or photograph once in a while. I have a Wattpad account that goes by Mochxa, and an AO3 account that goes by mahoganymocha.
If you wanna talk, don't be shy! I don't bite. I'd also really appreciate a comment or a favorite on my works if you enjoy them -- Anything helps!


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Hello everyone! This is SmoothieFlakes, but I go by Mahogany Mocha on most websites. Just to let you all know, I'm back; but I won't be using DA anymore. I will be using Wattpad and AO3 to post my works, going by Mochxa and mahoganymocha respectively. I also have a personal Twitter with the handle @heejininorbit. I hope you continue to support my work there!


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