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Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee

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Laura Everly in AU's

**Avatar** Bending Art: Non-Bender (Fire Nation) Residence: Shu Jing Facts: *Laura grew up a peaceful life in the remote city of Shu Jing raised by her grandparents *Her grandparents wanted a peaceful life for her away from all the politics and conflicts in the royal city where they used to live (especially after being abandoned by her parents) *She grew up loving reading and writing, even taking a part time job as a scribe in town to earn money for her family *She hates circuses and carnivals *Eventually she left home to travel across the world and attend Ba Sing Se University to further her studies. She hopes to eventually become a famous writer who specializes in history and lore *As part of Kara’s secret avatar defense force, she utilizes her literary knowledge to help the team find and study lost history relating to past avatars (she believes they should find Wan Shi Tong’s library even with the danger risk) ___________________ **Harry Potter** Wand: Beech with Unicorn

My Little Pony

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Noelle Claus

Ever After High

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'There're fingers on my feet...'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Rough Childhood

Avatar The Last Airbender

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Mr. Mistoffelees

Cats Musical

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Full of Surprises

Chase Young

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Huey and Riley Soup Store

Huey is at home trying to finish off some things for a report and Riley is at the soup store called "Soup". Huey decides to call Riley so he could help him make dinner. He Calls .Riley picks up his cell phone. Huey: Hello?? Riley: Hey what's up?? Huey: I need your help can you come over here? Riley: I can't buying clothes!! Huey: Alright well hurry up and come over here!! Riley: I can't find them?? Huey: What do you mean you can't find them?? Riley: I can't them there is only soup?? Huey: What do you mean there only soup?? Riley: It means there is only soup!! Huey: WELL THEM GET OUT OF THE SOUP ISLE!! Riley: Okay You Don't Have To Shout At Me

The Boondocks

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S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee(Yellow track suit)

Bruce Lee

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MST3K-The Terminator


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June Toon 2020 Day 8 - Tiger

Calvin And Hobbes

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Jem plush version


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Danny Phantom

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SP - Happy Birthday, Stan 2020

South Park

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Right Where You Were Meant To Be (Bucky x Reader)

It all started when you looked at him for the first time. He had just moved into the Tower, and you had just gotten the job as Tony's new assistant since Pepper had become CEO of Stark Industries. Because you worked in an environment with superheroes who were very fit and healthy, you had become self-conscious of yourself; whether it would be what you wore, the things you ate, or just how your body looked in general.  Being a bigger girl, it often took a toll on your mental health when you would notice the glances, the whispering, the judgmental stares, and how shopping for clothes in your size was difficult, and it made you feel like you had to lose weight to fit in and belong. You felt alone and isolated.  You didn't have any friends; you didn't even talk to many of your co-workers, and just kept to yourself a majority of the time. When Bucky moved in, you noticed he did the same. He didn't speak much to the rest of the team, he mostly stayed in his room, and only hung around

Bucky x Reader stories

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Faerie Dance


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thoughts on Carrie White


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If Stella Zhau cosplays as Tekken's Josie Rizal

The Loud House

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Frost Fever-Toshiro Summer Outfit

Toshiro Hitsugaya

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The Muppets

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Character Compilation: Greg Ayres

Hikaru and Kaoru

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Kuroo x Reader: Captain's Love

    "Are you really sure it's alright for me to watch your practice? Don't you think maybe the other members wouldn't like having a stranger stare at them and watching their every move?" You sputtered, clinging tightly onto Kuroo's jersey's sleeve. Today Kuroo had planned to finally introduce you to his team as his girlfriend, everyone except for Kenma had no clue of your relationship and it was high time for the both of you to spill the beans on them. Getting you to agree was one thing but actually carrying out the task was another, since the mere thought of having to have to interact with strangers sent chills to your spine. Even the usual

Haikyuu x Reader Fics

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Summary: After accidentally leaving her fridge open, Hotaru gets sick with the flu! But as Thor and Loki told her the doctor is scary, she asks them to be her doctor but is it for the better or the worst? Spongebob Fanmake of Suds In the Seireitei, it is nighttime. At the Hitsugaya house (Toshiro isn't there), in Hotaru's room, we see the girl and her dog (a shiba inu) Chibi sleeping. Hotaru starts dreaming. In her dream, we see her standing on a hill. The sky turns dark and thunder claps. But to her surprise it is raining sushi instead of rain. Hotaru looked excited. "It's raining sushi! Yay!" Hotaru cheered as she started running around happily. She then started to gobble up some sushi. In the real world, Hotaru was still sleeping but she was biting onto her pillow. She then woke up, "Huh?" She saw that her pillow was covered in drool and spat it out. Then her stomach growls. She smiles, "A quick midnight snack and then it's back to bed!" She kicked her pillow down and got off

Hotaru Hitsugaya

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Schoolhouse Rock stamp

Schoolhouse Rock

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XS: Dragon X Kumei Formation

My Favorite Shows

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Wielder of One for All Bookmark

My Favorite anime

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request - Eggos make everything better

Stranger Things

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The Indian In The Cupboard

My Favorite Movies

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Disney's witch hay Lin


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My 10 Favorite Pigtailed Girls

Camp Camp

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