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Nonon Jakuzure Hat Tutorial


Step 1: Using a old sports hat as the base, I wrapped it around with 3 pieces of plastic canvas. Two around the edges, and one round shaped for the top. I sewed them to the hat, and each other for extra support.

Step 2: I then painting the brim of the hat my desired off white. Once dry, and with the plastic canvas sewed onto the hat, I cut and fit foam board to the outer edges and the top using hot glue.

Step 3: I cut, out two pieces of cloth, one for the top, and one for around the hat. I covered the top of the hat with cloth before applying the cloth around the outer edges. I adhered both the top, and bottom of the cloth with hot glue.

Monkey Skull: I used planters foam to create the basic shape of the skull. I then used crayolas raspberry model magic to cover the planters foam skull base, and before it dries, used crayolas white model magic to make the white face of the skull, using my fingers to mold the facial features of the monkey. I applied the feathers where I wanted them, and let the skull dry BEFORE gluing to the hat and outlining the facial features with black.

Final Product: I used white craft foam to make the top rim of the hat, the same planters foam and raspberry model magic to make the side feather things, and the buttons on the brim. The entire hat weights less than 2lbs and has survived the test of a convention.

I spent under $30 total on everything. I'm confident I can make this again, if you would like me too, I can for $75 + shipping (typically $30 for continental US, other locations unknown). Let me know!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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This is a perfect tutorial, thank you!

Thinking about cosplaying her but I want to make everything by hand. Can I ask where you got your materials?
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Absolutely. I got the hat base from a thrift store, JoAnnes for the plastic canvas, and the rest of the materials I used I bought at Michaels abusing the 40% off coupons they have on their site every week.
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Awesome! Thanks so much!
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AmbitiousMisfitCos's avatar
Hello! What kind of sports hat did you use for this?
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It was from some tennis company, it was very flat. But I've done it with regular ball caps and as long as you double stitch the bottom, it works fine
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This is a great tutorial, thanks so much! I was just wondering what kind of paint you used for the brim and also if the brim is flat or curved? 
smoochum302's avatar
I used the cheapest off white fabric paint I could find at Michaels XD

This hat brim was flat, though I have done them on slightly curved hats and the effect is the same, you just end up sewing a little more tightly around the rim so it doesn't break or fray.
mynameisnova's avatar
This is very helpful! By the way, can I get a complete list of all the material you used?
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I listed them in the description, I'm pretty sure I wrote down the brand names to, but if your confused about something just let me know!
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This looks really good~!!
How tall did you make the length of the hat? It looks perfect , not too tall or short
smoochum302's avatar
I just used the length of the mesh. I think it came to be 10.25inches or something tp like that
Hexed-honey's avatar
Wow I really want one!! Haha I'm hopefully going to cosplay as Nonon next year :') I love your hat and cosplay :3
smoochum302's avatar
Thank you! I love Nonon, she was so much fun to wear, your going to have a blast as her!
fergalicious214's avatar
Sorry if this is a silly question but I'm trying to make a hat myself and I'm not sure how tall to make it.  How tall did you end up making your hat?
smoochum302's avatar
I ended up using making mine around 10 inches tall, though I would say it would most likely look better if you trimmed it down to 8.
K-Serenade's avatar
Planning to do a Nonon Cosplay in the future - This will be a good reference!
smoochum302's avatar
Im glad to help! I know it was the most time consuming thing during making her for me.
MissMutie's avatar
Thanks for this! I'm halfway though a Nonon cosplay, and this really helped me see how to begin on my hat.
smoochum302's avatar
No problem, I created it exactly for that reason.

Im so happy it helped you along!!!
Shiki-Eiki's avatar
Really nice :o
Thank you very much for this tutorial~
smoochum302's avatar
No problem! I'm glad it could help everyone out. 

Let me know if you have any questions!
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