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Commission: K.A.R.M.A. police

By Smoludozerka
A commission for :iconahomesickalien: of a piece for his story inspired by Radiohead's music. This is also why the bear logo has been used, and credit for it goes to its original creators Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke (as Dr. Tchock) [link] . The alternate flag I came up with myself :)

I think it's my first non-just-sketch drawing of a car, surely the first one in my adult life. It's not perfect, of course, but I'm happy I managed to draw one at all :)

I used some textures for the sand:
by ~hhh316 , also to be found on their blog: [link]
by *HumbleBeez
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widziałam to w kawałkach i było zarombiaszcze, a teraz jest zarombiaszcze ze trzy razy bardziej.
Biedne dziecko wyszło paradoksalnie ślicznie.
Smoludozerka's avatar
To ostatnie zdanie brzmi jak nazwa utworu albo zespolu muzycznego :D
Dziekowac x3
AlwaysReadingGirl's avatar
jak założę zespół, będzie się nazywał 'Paradoksalnie ślicznie' xD
Eninaj27's avatar
Wow, this is very cool and full of emotions, Smo.
Smoludozerka's avatar
Thank you :) I was struggling hard to give the silhoutte of the policeman some kind of a threatening power, I guess it came out ok :)
Eninaj27's avatar
Yes, it turned out really good. And the poor little girl!
Is this policeman a bad guy or did he rescued her?
Smoludozerka's avatar
I'm afraid he's the bad guy here!
Eninaj27's avatar
Oh noes!
On the other hand I LOVE bad guys.
Smoludozerka's avatar
Good, 'cause I'm currently developping mine more than I do "good" guys XD
Eninaj27's avatar
Really? I mostly see your good guys. Or what do you mean?
Smoludozerka's avatar
Hmh, I think I will make some kind of review as to which characters I'm developing most, and then we will see :) Also, guess it depends who is a good guy. In the main story Blady and Red for example are antagonists (for the most part at least).
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