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Hello, dear readers of my journal. In my last entry I asked my russian-languaged readers what a "commision" is. So, I desided to do commisions from now on! But I still have to deside how much time and effort should be spent on them, so I plan to do 2-3 free commisions. Their will be placed in my gallery as an example of my work. You could use almost any theme or idea - I work and supply myself as an artist, so there aren't any borders for you. After the free commisions are done, and if I'm satisfied with the quality - I'll begin the real thing. There will be free requests - but in form on sketches - and full-color commisions.
I  will update thia post About Price letter

UPD1 The first slot is used by my helper ~shinigami195 :iconpanzermeido:, the others will be given for the first to ask for them. Ask in comments please.

free slot 1 :iconpanzermeido: DONE!
free slot 2 :iconexemplarx3: DONE!
free slot 3 :iconwonderwhy-er: DONE!
free slot 4 :iconnewway12: DONE!

UPD2 all slot currently full.
Кто нить из англоговорящих русских просвятит, что это за коммишн, и что д для этого надо делать?
Типа дать рекламку , рисую тото то то  или что?
Заранее благодарен, с меня сиськи.

UPD кто в аську написал, признавайтесь)…
Artist's Comments
A anime version of the characters from Team Fortress 2
from Left to Right
Soldier, Scout, Pyro, Medic, Demoman...erm woman, Spy, Engineer, Heavy, Marksman
Color: Myself
Art: James C, Travis Y, and Andrew W.
Created for: IAT 104 (SFU) - Group Project
Creation time: 3 weeks, 4 days, 9 hours, 54 minutes, 18 seconds
Materials: Photoshop CS2, Copic Markers, Steadleter pencils, HP Scanner"

EH? WTF lol. When i drawed this pic - i drawed it myself and alone, and don`t remember any of travisandrew guys. And i NEVER use copic, pencils this work. But i saved all sceth 8)…

Hi, mr.Thief!