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Goblin Slayer

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The Doomguy of fantasy
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to be honest, I'm kind of the opposite of a fan of Goblin Slayer (ehm wanted to say it in a polite way but sounds just weird xD) but this, this is really awesome :)
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^_^ thank you <3
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That Doom guy reference! You missed drawing a goblin looking at us but it's still epic as hell! Insert metal Goblin Slayer theme in the background!

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"Rip and tear! Rip and tear your guts! You're a Goblin Champion, that means you have huge guts! Rip and tear!"
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Havent seen anyone point it out so ill do it. Fun fact: the English va for Goblin slayer is the motion capture actor for DA MOTHA@#$%^& DOOMSLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!
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So now that’s the canon voice actor for doom slayer for me when doom eternal comes out.
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I didn't know that!! :O
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Hahaha love the Doom cover parody!
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heheh, thank you :)
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i have not watched the show but this is so sick!! lol
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Thanks! You're awesome, I love your work!! :D
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Ever thought of making a comic book series?
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I've made a lot. I am a comic artist, actually. ^_^
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Cool! Man! I really can't wait to be at that level when my comic book project gets published!

Well, self-published to be exact. I'm working with a friend on a webcomic project called HEART OF WILDFIRE.
So far, we're not that close to our goal:

But we're hardheaded, we can't give up just yet. Hopefully we can reach our goal :)
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oh, it is looking really cool! I'll try to search for it, in whatever means I can, when it releases. Best of luck!
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