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$5/500p Commissions [OPEN]
Heyoo// I have no money and I'm starving~
Please feed me ;u;/
I'm opening coloured headshot sketches for $5 or 500:points: each
Humans/Humanoids only, please
I might also stream the commissions on my Twitch !!
You choose which brush I use ♥
Airbrush Examples;

Crayon Brush Examples;

Please fill out this form when ordering:
Character Name:
Character Reference(s):
Character Expression:
Brush Choice:
Payment (Points or PayPal):

Destiny-MoonFire [DONE]
2. Des
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PLEASE READ - The Ransomware Epidemic
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:bulletpink: Intro :bulletpink:
Funny how all these years of me picking and choosing updates to keep my computer functioning how I want it (you know... to have what you paid for and keep my product without others stealing it and modifying it *cough*badupdates*cough* ... basic consumer rights... but anyway) came to haunt me.
So I finally decided that I'd bite the bullet and update my updates... only to find out Windows Update was refusing to update and would forever stay stuck "searching for updates". Just my luck. When I really don't want updates they try to install, and when I really need them they don't.
Anyhow, why am I so desper
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300+ Watcher CORE Raffle [CLOSED]
Thanks for the 300+ watchers!

As scheduled in my Event Journal, it is time for my third Watcher Raffle.
End date: 30th July
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First time using my tablet by Sheeplee First time using my tablet :iconsheeplee:Sheeplee 4 5
(Closed) 1 month Core membership giveaway
I'm not very active here lately, but I wanted to try this. 
So here are the rules
Bullet; Blue Be a Watcher
Bullet; Blue Share about this giveaway in a journal, poll, etc... and link back in the comments below
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This giveaway ends on June 7th 2017
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Good luck^^
Thanks to all who participated. It is already the 7th here where I am, and as promised, here is the winner:
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Enderswap by TC-96 Enderswap :icontc-96:TC-96 3,108 485



                              Hello guys!  Today I made my Oc Alexiana. Please don't take her. Also! Check out our other stuff, We have loads of Adoptables coming soon, Please check some out that we have out. See you guys LATER!

HAH, funny a year later I changed her design, she's way cuter and prettier now(Cause this picture looks like she's a freaking dinosaur), she likes a guy and she ain't a kid anymore.
My vision is slightly blurry now. Easy to tell, cause I have literally really good vision.

I was swinging and holding my phone. Note, I was scared of putting it on the ground and it get broken from some 5 year olds foot.

I screamed, I FEEL LIKE IM GONNA FALL! Obviously I was trying to be funny. While a group of teenagers and a friend of mine were commenting about how cute boys were in a school year book. That friend of mine was a boy. He just turned 11.. let's call him.. Calvin. I was gonna make a stupid remark and tell him..

How do you know if they're cute. You are a boy too. I didn't.. I was a little awkward.

I fell right off as I swung extremely high. Like, tree branch height. Fell right on the back of my head. And, hurt my tail bone and it hurts to walk, and run. Wonder how its gonna feel when I lay straight down. 😏

I can't see straight, my head hurts, broke my nail a little, and my tailbone hurts.

Right now. My sister is saying her wound hurts worse than how I feel.

Lady, it ain't a competition. I would not like to have a concussion. And BTW, G, you just scraped your ankle.. seriously, siblings are mean.

I feel tired from being in pain now..
"Why?" That's all she could say..

"Even Francine's punishment would've been better!"

Alexiana said sobbing..

As Rylan scolded her as she was carrying his child..

Alexiana knew this was a dream, that she would wake up to the reality of Elliot and Devin. Even her dream was better than reality.

"Alexiana! Wake up, please! He isn't dead!"

She slaps the person, her sister in reality, in her dream it was Andy.. Andy had just murdered her dear sister.


She screamed and than Rylan finally awoken her "Calm down, sh, it's okay.."

Her sister crawled into her dear nine year olds sisters arms, they were warm and welcoming. She felt happy there, but knew it would all end soon.

"I miss mom, I can't find true love, we can't move.. It's a prison.. I feel like a prisoner.." Alexiana said speaking through her tears and guilt.

"I realize that.. but we really can't leave. Devin and Elliot are together, it's okay. I'm sorry you lost your daughter. Even if she was from a criminal. I would have loved my niece, but she's gone.. One day though, you'll meet her, mom, dad, Rannicia, and one day, me in heaven."

Rylan said, knowing that her predictions are gonna be wrong.

"How do you know, Everybody in this household is going to the opposite of heaven, HELL. I don't wanna go there, I don't imagine fire, I imagine the weight of guilt holding you down, everyday forever. Lauren's dead, Mom is dead, dad is dead! Rannicia is dead! I lost Maylee. Felix passed at birth, Violet only lived for a few days, and now Emery!"
Alexiana said through her tears, as she waited patiently for a reply.

Someone was listening through the door. No one knew it was Elliot. It was gonna be used against them, one day.

"Well, if I go next.. please, live your life to the fullest. Now let's get some breakfast."

Alexiana lifted up, hair matted up, her sister planned to do a nice bun, and was able to get through all the tangles within thirty minutes.


"W-wow.. I never knew you could do Dutch braids.."

"Self taught" Rylan said, showing off.

"Time to eat.. I haven't ate in two days.. been trapped in bed. For far too long."

Alexiana dried up her tears.

"Let's g-" Rylan opened the door.. and right there, Elliot staring right at Alexiana, with Devin.

Alexiana broke down in tears.. sobbing, running through the same dream everytime..

She woke up again.

"MOOM!" Alexiana's pregnant mother ran in and hugged her, the poor child was scared.

"What's wrong? Is it the same dream again?"

"I want Francine, I want Jay, I want Devin, I want my children.. where are they? Mom, where's dad? Where's Rylan?"

Her mother looks shocked, she had decided the name for the baby but never told anyone.

"How did you know..? I haven't said a peep, haven't even written down! Not even Dad knows!"

Alexiana sighed, these dreams are getting to much to handle.

"I need to go to school!" Alexiana runs out into the road and almost gets hit, and across is a forest. In the forest, is a beautiful tree, a big house Is there. The young child walks in, Devin was only 6.


"Who the heck says you can come into this household, kid?"

I am leaving this on a cliff hanger! You learn more, next drawing!
I'm just using this as an excuse to upload. I'll show you what I'm gonna make em into, in the next episode of.. FABRIC SHOW!

Will it be ugly?

Or will it be pretty.

Find out in the next episode!



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