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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 11, 2009, 2:16 AM
Smoko-Stock License;   rules and conditions  
(Update )

You, as an end user of any Smoko-Stock resources, agree to accept any and all legal responsibility that may take place from such use.
By downloading, stockpiling, or using any stock or resources from Smoko-Stock you are agreeing to accept the following rules and conditions of this license.  Please be aware that the proper copyright owner is not necessarily the webmaster of the site where you find Smoko-Stock material. Webmasters do not have the legal ability to grant you the necessary permissions to download and use Smoko-Stock resources that may be found on the websites they maintain. There is only one place authorised to host downloading and links for downloading of resources made by Smoko-Stock  and, that is smoko-
By not following these conditions in your usage, you will be acting outside the extent of the license and will as a result be using copyrighted resources without any authorization or legal shelter.

Requirement  1: Free for non-commercial use;

You are granted the privilege to use Smoko-Stock photos, textures, stock renders, brushes, and other resources in your non-commercial projects. On a non-commercial project you may use the stock free of any charge..
A "noncommercial" project is not just a project in which no profit is made--it is a project in which no money changes hands. Selling of your work and other such projects which are 'indirectly commercial' in nature do not count as non-commercial, so you will need to obtain permission before you can use Smoko-Stock in such indirect commercial projects. Non-commercial use is not limited to deviantART; you may use Smoko-Stock  items in your non-commercial projects outside of DA as long as you follow all the rules and conditions, such as Credit and Notification

Requirement  2: Commercial use is prohibited;

You are explicitly prohibited from putting Smoko-Stock resources to commercial use without prior permission from Smoko-Stock  the copyright holder of the resources you want to use. Using a Smoko-Stock, stock item or items in a commercial project without expressed permission from Smoko-Stock who provides the resources is copyright infringement!
If you would like to use Smoko-Stock resources in a commercial project, you may negotiate directly to obtain permission and a commercial use license. Smoko-Stock holds control of the copyright of all stock and resources and, so as the producer may decline your request for commercial use of any stock and resources. Keep this in mind—it is also wise to ask Smoko-Stock about commercial use before you apply the resource to your project to insure you will not be declined and have to edit your project to remove the resources. The details of a commercial use license are decided by you and by Smoko-Stock. These details include the scope of use allowed and any fees required.  As part of any agreement, Smoko-Stock is free to request a fee in the form of a royalty, a product demo, explicit credit, or any fee that Smoko-Stock wishes. Smoko-Stock may also decline to take any fee, and may issue you a license without charge. Several examples of uses considered to be commercial projects follow, but besides these there are many other uses considered to be commercial projects, so if you have any confusion about whether or not your project could be considered a commercial project please contact Smoko-Stock and inquire
DA Prints and other such art prints, advertisements for commercial entities, web design for commercial entities, book covers, t-shirts' and art in books, CD's, DVD's covers and art in CD's, DVD's, and also in art as part of a portfolio all qualify as commercial projects. For any of these uses and for any other commercial use you will need to obtain Smoko-Stock's permission beforehand. I do take this seriously and do punish violators when I catch them.

Requirement  3: Notification;

When you use Smoko-Stock resources on deviantART you are required to notify Smoko-Stock
When you use a Smoko-Stock stock item outside deviantART you are required to notify Smoko-Stock of such use. By email, deviantART note, or by other means. Include all applicable links.

Requirement  4:  Credit;

When you use Smoko-Stock resources on deviantART, deviantART'S  policy requires you to credit the sources of stock you use in any artwork that you submit on their site. Therefore, using Smoko-Stock resources in your art at deviantART and not crediting Smoko-Stock of the stock item you used is technically a deviantART policy violation

Requirement  5:Redistributing is prohibited;

You are explicitly prohibited from redistributing Smoko-Stock resource images in any way designed for reuse. You must not offer any Smoko-Stock resource for sale or sub-license without the clear permission of Smoko-Stock.
This also means you may not release brush sets, textures, manipulation stock images, or any other resources meant for reuse, which are based on Smoko-Stock resources without special permission.

 Requirement  6: What is and is not stock;

Smoko-Stock resources meant as stock items and meant for your use will be clearly marked as such and will be in the Resource section of deviantART.

 Requirement  7: No false claims;

Only Smoko-Stock that made a resource item, may claim to have created it.
You are explicitly prohibited from displaying an unedited or lightly edited Smoko-Stock resources and falsely claiming it as your own photograph or scan etc. Additionally, if asked directly by anyone where you obtained an item or items of Smoko-Stock  resources you are required to truthfully inform them that it is a Smoko-Stock resources item.

Smoko-Stock  reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Changes will be published here, in this journal, so check back often or monitor it through your devwatch.

Fly Out Thumbnails Of A Few Smoko Stock Brush Sets

Cant download Smoko-Stock resources, note me to find out how  



Licence by Smoko-Stock
deviantArt Licence Of Submission

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