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Cinema 4D -- T-Virus

My job :)
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Transformed these into energy cartridges (both active and spent), powering our flower power energy generator, on the depths of the ocean floor.

Infinite thanks!

Invasion From Within by surreal1st1cp1llow

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Thank you too :)
Nice work Thumbs Up :)
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Awsome job you did on image, it's a very good mix with the biohazzard.
nice job.
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Resident Evil - Nice!
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To get a thick wall on the Cylinder, you must do a "inner Extrude" on both of the Cylinder Caps.
After that you select the inner extruded Polygons of one of the Caps and do a regular extrude inwards. The Cylinder should look like a glass after that. If you now do the Boolean Operation on it you have thick walls (depending on the amount how much you have done the inner-extrude before); Make sure you make a cylinder with more subdivisions as standard (36 segments are standard by Cylinder object) to get a smooth result. I will upload later a screen to show you exactly how it goes.
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:) :) :) thanks :) a good man very thanks :) I appreciate it!!!
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I have uploaded a little Tutorial for your problem :-)
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Cool, You did it :-)
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:) Thanks I tried and remodel the Box as your picture but my power is failing how do I have modeled it but we still lack a little thing on it maybe even finish the box :) I tried to remodel a syringe here: [link] but we are struggling too :D I do not know much more difficult to model objects but I want to learn it :)
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Keep it up, every thing you try to remodel makes your skills in using the modelling tools in Cinema 4D better. The syringe looks like that he used many cylinders in different sizes. The Cut in the syringe could be done by using A: a cylinder, and B: using a Capsule (Basic Objects). Then you have to put in both (cylinder and capsule) into a boole-object, to cut out the round shaped hole. I guess you could it do in this way...try it
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So easy I already tried it that way but I forgot how I do when we cut a hole through the capsule to be correct thicker walls not only such as paper thin walls :) I can not find it on the internet :) :handshake:
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