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Black a White.. (close up 3)

Ayyyy... lmao xD After a long time I'm finally back here to upload atleast something I have done. It's school project to present my hobby and interests in 3d graphics. Hope you like it even if it's not super work xD

Original scene:

(main shot)

(sideboard shot)

(close up 1)

(close up 2)

(close up 4)

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It's very good.  The render is highly believable, and the models look very well done.  I particularly like those branches, and the texture you gave them; VERY realistic.  Also really like the wood texture on that table.  The iPad and some of the pine-cones appear to have some float, but overall a truly outstanding work.  Extremely convincing.
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Ye, you're right. The iPad and pine-cones could be a bit lower but it's still looking fine. It was so time consuming to render this scene because of my 8gb ram limitation. In order to make render out of this scene I had to use lower resolution xD
I've started trying to make evening (or maybe night) scene some time ago. We will see, maybe I will finish it because it's my first scene with this kind of atmosphere.
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I was about to say, the atmosphere is great.  A night or evening shot would also be very interesting!
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Yea I would be curious to see this scene in night or evening shot also. I have to make some tests how to render this kind of scenes ^_^
Hope, everything will go fine :P