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Breathless Wonders
Can I remember this moment?
Or will it fade like the rest?
Will it fall with my tears of angst?
Or will it gather among the crest of thoughts?
Can I take in this breath of a fresh start?
Or will it go right back to where I began?
Will I open the door to my heart?
Or will it amount to less than a closed opportunity?
You already occupy my mind,
and I swear you’re the voice that tells.
I’m a living battle,
tell me do I want to leave here?
I’m a living contradiction,
tell me do I need to hang on longer?
Is it possible to breathe in,
and breathe out the stress of reality?
Is it possible to breathe out,
and manage to breathe you in?
Would you mind,
could you please remind me?
What it feels like to have you in my thoughts,
and maybe even in my arms instead?
My thoughts are tangible,
but I can’t quite grasp what I’m looking for.
Is it possible to think of you too much,
or is it not even close enough?
Is it ever enough,
to only give you my words and thoughts?
Or ca
:iconsmokeyjo7197:smokeyjo7197 0 0
I Could Have
I could walk out right now,
and leave this terrible place.
I could leave right now,
and find something new to face.
For some reason,
a guilty conscience holds me back.
For some reason,
I try to sit and relax.
I could flip out,
and have a panic attack.
I could not take this easy,
and head back into the black.
There's an invisible leash,
it keeps me put.
There's an invisible chain,
it makes me do only things I should.
I could escape this environment,
and leave the tension.
I could escape this habitat,
but then I'd receive a pension.
I would get up if I could,
and if I could then I should.
There's always opportunities,
but I still wimp out.
There's always possibilities,
but I manage to have doubt.
I should've when I could've,
but my fears keep me in.
I would've if I could've,
but my thoughts drag me to where I've been.
Invisible hands hold me back,
and keep me to themselves.
Invisible love keeps me on track,
and captivates me to myself.
I could choose to leave,
and escape my problems.
I c
:iconsmokeyjo7197:smokeyjo7197 0 0
I've been alone,
I've traveled long,
but it feels like I've been here before.
Where's my home,
do I belong,
but I'm always craving for more.
I take it day by day,
this bitter pill,
but it seems to take too long.
I go with the flow,
but no one knows,
what will happen next.
To think ahead,
is such a danger,
so I occupy in the past.
Will this body ever last,
from all that it happening,
happening so fast.
When will this long winding road,
ever come to an end,
perhaps just around the bend.
:iconsmokeyjo7197:smokeyjo7197 0 0
My heart feels it's just another day,
that I'll see you tomorrow.
My brain doesn't follow this dismay,
now I'm left here in sorrow.
I've created this routine,
a routine hard to stop.
Now this isn't supposed to sound mean,
but you'd be at the very top.
You see, I'm used to seeing your smile,
and it made me feel good inside too.
You made the start of the day worth while,
and I hope it made yours too.
But then a sudden drop,
a sudden removal.
Made my heart seam pop,
and it's waiting for approval.
It may seem crazy,
and it probably is.
But you were important just maybe,
too hard to dismiss.
Now I'll be left here,
a chunk of my routine taken.
I know in reality you'll be near,
but I can't help but feel shaken.
So goodbye my friend,
enjoy your new story.
This is not the end,
nor will it be boring.
I wish you luck,
on this new path you follow.
A chunk of my routine gone,
but a beautiful memory remains.
:iconsmokeyjo7197:smokeyjo7197 0 0
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okay so recently one of my friends have gotten me into this webcomic "Homestuck". its really fun to read but also passes time. im already on act 2, or at least i think i am haha. im lost inside their world. i love it though! cant wait to read more :3


Brett Szenderski
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