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Reimagined: Link

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Link, to follow up on Zelda

Visually, this draws inspiration from the Twilight Princess-Link in terms of colour-scheme (while in his Ordon outfit, TP!Link wears cream and green with orange accents) and in the layers (with the chainmail-like layer beneath the tunic) as well as from Shiek from Ocarina of Time. I wanted to keep the colours usually associated with him, while getting away slightly from the tunic-and-pointy-hat combo - the green headgear is actually part of the scarf wrapped around his neck.

While Zelda got remade into a more pro-active, saves-her-own-damned-self knight rather than the passive role she’s usually relegated to, I decided to let Link step out of the role of silent saviour of the world - since Zelda’s already doing the kicking behinds and taking names-bit, Link is free to be something else. So I recast him as a slightly mischievous street urchin who has found an actual use for all those Deku Nuts the games tend to throw at you that you rarely, if ever, use: quick getaways.

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Vitani-YuyHobbyist General Artist
While I may not be completely thrilled with the idea of being an urchin, I like the outfit immensely. Keeping the colour scheme but shifting away from the standardized tunic and boots is a fascinating look for Link. As with Ganon, there is such beautiful attention to detail in the wrappings and scarf. Well done with the three of them
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whitetigerclawsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love his design! Awesome work!! :la:
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wow :clap: cool
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So much life in this piece! Well done!
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OneReallyMadManHobbyist General Artist
Nice work! great reimagining!
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smokewithoutmirrorsProfessional General Artist
Thank you! :) I've had fun doing it, and will probably keep playing around and remake the whole universe.

... Though probably at a slower pace from now on. >.>
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