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Lunch Break

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I've been working on this thing on and off (mostly off) for a month and a half. Sometimes, I'd open the file and stare at it blankly for five minutes and then close it again without doing anything.

There's probably a ton of things I could've done better with this - the saturation's a bit off (it looks fine on my cintiq, but all washed out on my regular monitor), and the shadows aren't deep enough, and the perspective is probably fucked, but who cares? It's finished!

And it's a girl! I've submitted far too many boys lately. I'm working on another picture with a lady in it, but after that, it looks like it's going to be mobster-boys for a while. .... Not that I mind. Suits are fun to draw, and who doesn't love badasses?

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Far too many hours
Texture (c), I think.
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Nice. Perpektivet känns lite off här å där i bakgrunden, men gillar posen och hur hon tittar mot oss. Lite sådär "Vadå? Har du aldrig sett någon dricka festis efter ett kendo-pass förut?"

Och yay för kommande badass mobsters! :D
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smokewithoutmirrorsProfessional General Artist
Festis is the shiznit. :D

Mjo, bakgrunden är lite halvdann, men så spenderare jag inte ens hälften så lång tid på den som på karaktären - jag var så där lagom trött på hela bilden efter en och en halv månad. -.-
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Texturen på stenplattorna såg dock riktigt nice ut.
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smokewithoutmirrorsProfessional General Artist
Overlay and - by these powers combined!

... eller nått. >.>