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Chicago - wallpaper

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So... this will probably be my last post here in a good long while (unless I get my act together and scan those stickers I've been making, but that might be a while), because I'll be....

... Well, busy with this, really. I'm doing NaNoWriMo for the seventh year in a row - and am hoping to win for the seventh year in a row (why yes, I am just that awesome ;P) - and this is the title of the novel I'm writing - as well as the desktop I'll be looking at for the rest of November.

It's a story about an insomniac longhaul trucker, who meets a lonely twenty-something girl, and their separate (but still somewhat connected) journeys to some sort of everyday happiness. Polaroids are an important part of the plot.

It does not take place in Chicago, and it hardly ever rains.

Painter IX
45 minutes (most of those devoted to cursing about stupid layer-settings)
Various photo-refs nicked from Google and my big folder of textures-I-found-somewhere. Credit goes to whoever made them in the first place.
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Oh my gosh, it's beautiful! And the story sounds great, too. (Zink from TSR, btw.)
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Thanks! :D I posted an excerpt in my thread, if you want to read about longhaul truckers hallucinating about fish.