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The Assignment:
Make an 8.5"x11" poster for a "political cause". Use Illustrator and Photoshop.

The poster is for 'The Venus Project', which presents a new way of life for all of the world. One that uses a resource-based economy vs. the current monetary-based economy. Eliminating money as the main influence in our society will get us back to our human roots, where love, happiness, and creativity were the main priorities. > [link]

Also, The Venus Project is covered in great detail in the Zeitgeist 2 : Addendum documentary. I encourage anyone who is interested in opening their mind a bit to watch it here, free > [link]

You can see the full size version here > [link]
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Venus Project and Resource-Based Economy are the most wonderful and inspiring concepts I have stumbled upon. Peter Joseph did all of us a great service by giving the very first spark in bringing all those ideas into the light for the internet-age audience. 

Have seen this poster already - it is soo cleverly and intelligently designed. Exactly that poster made me realize that there is such thing like socially conscious art. Not just understand that there is art of that sort but to realize with all the brain! F..king whole brain. This one is the best to me poster dedicated to Venus Project and whole idea of RBE. 

Slightly surprised to randomly stumble upon the artist behind this poster here on DevArt. Here, have a juicy orange for that Orange 
Thaaat poster is spiritual and intellectual Masterpiece.