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Bonnaroo 2009 Poster

Mock 2009 poster for the festival Bonnaroo.

I made this for my Design and Art Theory class.

If you know someone that works for the festival, send em my way...
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Sooo baaaddaaass. You've got a style that is so clean, retro, and neutral. Consistent in all your designs is a special attention to balance. You really play to your strengths in this one...
The only suggestion I would make is that you shorten how far the circles around the figure radiate upward. They seem too repetitious, and distract from the other badassery you've got going on elsewhere. Or maybe bring the headline and date down closer to the figure, on top of the radiating bands. Ah what do I know... This is pretty sweet and I like your bonnaroo line up.
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yes yes, the height was one of the things i kept second guessing. but when i made it 3 feet tall, i sort of felt like i had to stick with it, just so i could say i designed a 3 foot poster. i really wish i had had more time during the class so i could redo the middle figure. i didnt rush it per say, but its definitely not the end all be all.

thanks for the critique though, it's much appreciated. i'm about to upload a new poster i'm doing for my new class, so be sure to scope it!
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really like the size of this poster <3
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thanks alot.

yea i may try to add some more color to the piece in order to give it a little more.

i spent as much time on it as i could before the deadline, so i didnt get to necessarily "finish" it.

thanks again for the comments and recommendations.
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ah.. it is nothing much, just stuffs randomly appears in my mind ^^
hope u get u very good grade for it coz it think they really worth it!
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try highlight the poster by adding one striking color on the curves?

might be eye grabbing and thus draw attention?
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