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:iconsmokeriver24:SmokeRiver24 posted a status
(tw for anxiety, depression, and slight neglect)
(one of those is probably not be the case but it mentions these in the text so)

my parents last December: hey loOK our child openly admitted that they have symptoms of depression and anxiety!! let's take away multiple privileges, explicitly say we don't trust them, and do almost nothing to improve their feelings!!!
my parents now: hey look!! looks like our child is experiencing the same things all over again, except they also are starting to have what may be anxiety attacks and might have social anxiety! let's repeat the cycle, look through their Internet history, confront them about it and make them visibly uncomfortable for stumbling upon actually decent parts of the Internet, interrupt them while they might be having an anxiety attack to prevent them from comforting themselves, and ignore their negative feelings again even though it's really easy to hear them being sad through the walks of our house!!! that'll totally make our child feel better! : D 

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