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:iconsmokeriver24:SmokeRiver24 posted a status
ok can i just,,rant a bit about my mom
she?? every single friggin time I wake up slowly for school she suspects I stayed up late on the Internet??? every single time???? like,, this is RIGHT AFTER SPRING BREAK WHEN I'm used to sleeping late??? please stop jumping to conclusions about me every single time I do something that could imply just about anything 

she always thinks the solution to me "always staying up late" is simply taking my devices?? i mean right now i have my phone at least but she seems blind to the facts that 
1. I'm a night owl
2. I don't stay up every single night ok most of it is due to a lot of work 
3. showing explicit acts of not trusting me just makes me feel really bad??? especially when she is close to me as a person??? and already knows I'm way too friggin sensitive to simple things so she should more by now I'd just stay up late pitying myself and dying inside and fuming over the fact my own parent doesn't trust me to be able to control myself
and she knows I do owed art and have social media and??? I'm just really tired of her being this way ok

and she just??? assumes things about me and some of my friends??? I won't go into details but I'm just really annoyed at my mom right now 

I'm sorry I'm tired and sleepy and tired of having something happen to me every time I actually start feeling good about myself I'm crying 

I'm sorry about all this self pity when others are going through more I'm just,,,really overwhelmed over lots of things I might talk about another time. thank you for reading this far.

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